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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Who here has a Post-It note and some imagination spare?
Post a Post-It Note: a nice little way to show off a part of yourself in such a small amount of space that talent doesn't necessarily matter? I'm not a trendsetter, but it felt enjoyable when I made what I did, so I thought I'd offer the suggestion around. It's quite calming; it's a worthwhile doodle.

And did you know it's the 25th anniversary of the Post-It Note? It's almost like this idea was meant to be.

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And for those who lack Post it Notes, fear not, you can order them from Amazon.com!

Post-it Note Pads, Assorted Colors - 4 ea

Who lacks Post-it Notes? There's more of them in the world than flies or people, probably.

*I* don't have any Post it Notes. Not unless I steal some from work.

That's how people get them, isn't it?

Thats how i get mine. Well that and my dad won some.

For some reason, that reminds me of the stuff Joel from Eternal Sunshine (WHO LOOKS LIKE YOU, I MAY ADD!) wrote in his diary. ^_^

I suppose, I suppose. I don't draw as well as Joel does. He was nice.

Cedric deserves love and souls.

For some reason, the first thing that sprang to mind was 'Radiohead Album Cover'.

"Nothing worse than lingering" sounds too optimistic a term.

Mind you, covers usually don't have too many words on them. Some could be taken off. Yeah.

I also drew a fun bug-demon in a lightbulb.

I'd do that if I still worked in an office, but I quit on Friday! I should have taken some Post-its with me. And a P46!

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