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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Too much to deal with, not enough to stop me.
What I Do At Work...
It has come to my attention that I struggle to write posts. Between the trips to New York and Bristol I've worked more than usual. As a result all I seem to be doing is catching up on old posts you've all written, just in case I missed something addressed to me.

I want to write things, but have no desire to go on about New York in extensive detail, because I could write an essay for every day of the fortnight. I might try to find a way around this - I could scan the notepad I used while in the US, but then I don't know how frequently something as intense as that could be posted before it gets annoying. A page a day? Still sounds too much. I also imagine there's not much on there that'd make sense, probably words and sentences to remind me of things I'd really like to ramble on about. Things like the bingo-photo idea and the idea of things I liked and disliked about the area compared to Enfield.

Then there's pictures. Things to manipulate and upload. From that, I can make icons as well, if so desired. I notice that recently I'm posing more and more for Jamie's photos, and as a result some interesting pictures of me are showing up. It is quite difficult to get a picture of yourself that you really like when you're the one operating the camera. I also have pictures that Jamie's done all this to already. I really like these pictures, but feel that using them would be a lazy option.

Then the activities that don't need a computer - from the completing of serious forms for all manner of life-altering activities, to the cheap and cheerful printing of Pacman and ghostly cohorts onto t-shirts. There's a lot to do.

I think: I need some time in this room with no distractions, and then I'd get every picture altered to how I desire, and every post written up. I feel that Jamie gets bored if I just laze in front of this PC, staring into it and scribbling down any old rubbish. But then I also think: do I need to get it written down? If you people know my life is so active that I can't say how enjoyable things are, that's a good indication my life is good. I just can't comment as much to people, that's all. And then I remember something else: there is something quite epic happening in the near future for me that I really should write down, because I'll need favours aplenty and I may as well give warning that I'd like help on certain subjects well before it all gets hectic.

So, to end this post on a lighter note, let's just throw a random Jamie photo: here is a very defensive and plump pigeon.

See? It's far easier to throw inappropriate pictures into a post for comic relief and/or slight confusion.

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You think I found something good for Sandra?

I found (and then stole) a Polish newspaper from the Underground just for you!

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