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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Cull before the storm.
Snap Crackle Pop
Jamie got a letter from the US Department of Homeland Security - the Citizenship and Immigration Services section. Telling me this alone over the phone took a while. Anyway, they approved the idea of me going over there and becoming an American citizen. But then they approve about 80% of these forms, so it's not a total celebration yet. However, it was cause for enough celebration that me and Jamie are going to go to Spain. My sister will foot the bill, and the tickets will prove further trips together. We've also been to Bristol and Brighton in our UK tour, courtesy of Megabus.

I need to do a lot of things with a lot of pictures. Some should be uploaded for people to see, some should be turned to icons - I think I'll get onto that in the next few days, while life is quiet and travelling is not occuring. The alternative was to catch up on livejournal. This fills me with dread for I am a long way behind on this (2, 2 and a half weeks' worth of catch-up?) and would rather catch up on the people I know about or the people I see leading interesting lives, than find out that it's raining and now it's not.

Which leads into an old livejournal topic: knocking the friends list down a bit a lot. I'd like to say it's nothing personal - especially as the lack of personal connection I currently feel with the internet is why I did it. Doing this potentially hurts feelings, something I always feel very nervous about. But if I continually skim posts written by someone, it's because I don't feel any personal connection between what I do and what I want to achieve in my life, and what that person does and what they want to achieve in their life.

If I deleted you: my posts are public and if you find what I write interesting, you'll not miss anything. I'd just rather be honest than hide your posts behind a filter because I'm so rushed with getting on with my life that I don't have the time to understand yours. In my travelling and organising everything to do with me going to the US, I've missed birthdays, births, funerals and probably a load of emo rubbish. Belated birthday wishes are the worst things to give out - "Hey, you're older now, but I didn't care on the day! Cheers!"

I concede, I've also been harsh in some of the choices of people I deleted. For some people, I only keep them added as a method of communication, but LJ is not a good method of communication. For others, I read interesting posts of theirs between things which zip over my head without an intense knowledge of the person, making me too cautious to respond and eventually making me shirk away from reading the journal at all. Maybe when I'm in the US, and want some quiet settling time, I'll re-add people back on again. I have a list of everyone I've deleted and I also know that if I had a few hours more in a week to read LJ, I'd know who I'd want to try to catch up with on top of the usual people I really get on with.

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So when do you move over there? :O

I can't believe how long it's been since Sacha and I met up with you - I'm hoping you're going to be around at least in the early Summer so that we can come and see you once we've moved in to our new place.

Good luck! :)

Heh, well, I never post anything anyway...

Good luck with your ventures in the states and I hope everything works out fantastically for you and Jamie :)


That is crazy!

I need to catch up on LJ more often.

It's so romantic that you're throwing everything away for Jamie! *bases it on a romance film* In response to your previous post, Gareth and I will send you lots of British food and CDs full of MP3s/random crap. Ho ho ho...

As I said in your recent post, I'm sorry that we've not met up more often. Hopefully we can meet up soon, even if it's just a day in London. If you and Jamie are still around during July, it'd be lovely if you randomly came to stay for a weekend/a few days in our flat. :)

*Hugs* :)

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