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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Expect Photographic Evidence of Everything Ever
Vibri marches onwards!
I wonder: how can I show off all these pictures I've been taking recently, while I've been travelling here and there? The honest answer is that I probably won't. I have amended some of the more interesting pictures into icon format, and will upload those instead for now.

I have games to sell on eBay. The collection is marginally easier to display as a picture, for how much livejournal dislikes tables imported in from other programs. If anyone wants any of these games before I throw them eBay's way, let me know. Also - as you may work out, given I intend to sell nearly every game - I have to sell off the consoles too. Any takers?

I just opened the last bag of Combos I brought back from America. This bag is the largest of them, but I am very happy and yet very sad that this is all I can have of it for a while. I shall be patient.

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You're intending to sell the Gamecube? How much for?

Logic suggests selling it here, and picking an American version up when I get there.

Sadly, price is a confusing issue. I'd like to sell things to my friends for as fair a price as I can, but the entire reason why I'm trying to get rid of everything on eBay is because I need as much money as I can.

Realistically, you'd get as good a price from a Gamestation near you for a Gamecube - after all, you'd have to pay P&P on top for my console.

Could I take Super Monkey Ball 2 and Pacman Vs off your hands? I'll pay whatever you like for them...

I'll check what eBay says they generally go for (while I'm at work) and ask for that much.

i am just going to assume these are PAL games and mourn my inability to throw money at you for them.

You may be able to play PAL Gamecube titles via Freeloader, if that was released there.

You may be able to play PAL titles on a PS2/Xbox if it were chipped.

How much you asking for these?

I might be interested in skies of arcadia, but I have no money at present. When were you planning on putting them on ebay?

As much as they go for on eBay, minus a few pounds.

Me and Jamie still have to travel around and see the country, so you might be able to get free P&P, if we pop by a place you live at.

If I didn't have my own endeavours that require vast sums of doughs, I would go for Parappa, Ape Escape 2 and the Sly Coopers. Even though everywhere you go, these ones always seem to bait £30 each.

So, uh, yeah, eBay. :P

I can hold onto them for a while, if you are interested but have a short-term financial crisis. I don't have to sell these until the end of August.

I'd also prefer for these things to go to a loving home, but damn the cruel money for making me be picky in what I can charge.

I'd be interested in the following for PS2:

Metal Gear Solid 3
Grandia 2
Metal Slug 3

Don't know how much I'd be willing to pay for these though. Would £30 for all 3 sound fair? I'd be willing to go higher just for the sake of helping you out.

I'd also be interested in the GameCube but only if it's mega cut price.

Generally, Metal Gear Solid 3 seems to go for £16. Grandia 2 makes £8. Metal Slug 3 £8.

With that, £30 sounds fair. If you'd be willing to pay P&P on top as the 'willing to go higher' part, I'd be in admiration of your generosity.

As for the Gamecube - as I told someone earlier - I noticed Gamestations are practically throwing them out. Check there, maybe?

How much are you asking for Rez and Jade Cocoon 2?

My brother could use his PS2 replacing, but I don't think I can stretch that far at the moment, m'fraid.

From looking at eBay for a fair price to ask for:

Rez is worth £18, Jade Cocoon 2 is worth £8.

Ooh, just out of interest - does your shop sell Donkey Konga mitt the bongas? I can't seem to find it anywhere and getting a copy of it would be fantastic. Lego Star Wars is also a very good game... coff coff.

Is Skies of Arcadia any good?

Our shop has bongos and has the Jungle Beat package, but no Donkey Kongas available at all, alas!

Lego Star Wars - we've had a few of those in second hand already, but they sell immediately. I can try and find a cheap one again, if you want.

Skies of Arcadia is a charming game. The only real flaw there is, is that random fights came up too often, but if you're after a lengthy game that's entertaining and enjoyable throughout, I'd recommend it. But then you are asking a person who bought the game if it's any good - of course it's good, I bought it.

I had to hide your Combos.

I feared beheading when you came home to find them all gone.

It would not have mattered, provided you took them.

Because then you could ask your American friends to buy me some as engagement presents.

Any takers for Ape Escape yet?

myau was curious, but I don't think she'll purchase it, personally. Given her lifestyle, saving up is on the cards.

£14 for that one, eBay suggests.

You do mean the sequel, though? If you mean the original, I have that as well, if you're so inclined.

I'd like The Zelda Collectors edition, since mine was stolen/lost in the move. Looked on ebay and the prices vary, so give me an idea how much you would like and p&p etc :)

The prices don't just vary; some people get away with robbery in some of these auctions.

I don't know of many other items that can phase from £10 to £25.

£15 including P&P would be less than you'd be paying on the majority of those auctions, does that seem fair?

hey dean how much for tales of synphonia

eBay prices suggest it goes for £20-25, not including P&P.

So, £22 is a fair price.

I've been to your house MANY times D, and half this list doesnt exist!

I admit, alot of these games i've never heard of, and the ones I have........you had a tough time getting them (ouch)

But never fear^^ the next time I pay a visit I can take them all off your hands. Your so lucky to have a friend like me!

Jamie said "Obnoxious" to this.

I'm inclined to agree.


Oooo, Soul Calibur 2! I'd like that one if you wouldn't mind. :D How much would that be?

£9, from eBay suggestions!

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