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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Expect Photographic Evidence of Everything Ever
Vibri marches onwards!
I wonder: how can I show off all these pictures I've been taking recently, while I've been travelling here and there? The honest answer is that I probably won't. I have amended some of the more interesting pictures into icon format, and will upload those instead for now.

I have games to sell on eBay. The collection is marginally easier to display as a picture, for how much livejournal dislikes tables imported in from other programs. If anyone wants any of these games before I throw them eBay's way, let me know. Also - as you may work out, given I intend to sell nearly every game - I have to sell off the consoles too. Any takers?

I just opened the last bag of Combos I brought back from America. This bag is the largest of them, but I am very happy and yet very sad that this is all I can have of it for a while. I shall be patient.

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How much are you asking for Rez and Jade Cocoon 2?

My brother could use his PS2 replacing, but I don't think I can stretch that far at the moment, m'fraid.

From looking at eBay for a fair price to ask for:

Rez is worth £18, Jade Cocoon 2 is worth £8.

thats a fair price. How were you planning on doing the transaction? If it's paypal I'll have to discuss with my dad first *nodsnods*

Next time, Gadget, next time!

I feel bad now :( But no no, I nplayed it at the edinburgh national museums "game on" special a couple of years ago (?) and I've wanted it ever since. Was weirdly amazing in ways only Vib-Ribbon and Parappa the Rapper had been for me before :)

It's ok, I already have a Dreamcast copy, i'm just being greedy :)

greedy greedy! Never mind, my brothers ps2 will be on the way out soon *pokes it's failing laser*

Paypal is fine for me. Postal orders are fine. A cheque is fine for me.

Basically: money is good.

Also: monkey is good.

Okay. You want to exchange contact details, its bekky at mystel dot com. I will try and check it at some point soon but i'm going to a concert tonight so i may not look at my emails again till tomorrow.

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