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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Expect Photographic Evidence of Everything Ever
Vibri marches onwards!
I wonder: how can I show off all these pictures I've been taking recently, while I've been travelling here and there? The honest answer is that I probably won't. I have amended some of the more interesting pictures into icon format, and will upload those instead for now.

I have games to sell on eBay. The collection is marginally easier to display as a picture, for how much livejournal dislikes tables imported in from other programs. If anyone wants any of these games before I throw them eBay's way, let me know. Also - as you may work out, given I intend to sell nearly every game - I have to sell off the consoles too. Any takers?

I just opened the last bag of Combos I brought back from America. This bag is the largest of them, but I am very happy and yet very sad that this is all I can have of it for a while. I shall be patient.

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*muttermutter* He'll be playing it on my Gamecube *muttermutter*

We really do need to meet up with you! It'll be a lot easier now that I've quit work (hurrah!) and Gareth's almost done with university. When are you free during the week/weekend?

It changes from week to week, depending on what people try to set up in advance and what papers need to be filled out and what people aren't working when they're meant to be, meaning I'm covering.

Basically, if you can give us a week's notice, we will ensure we do everything to prevent us from not showing up. So - tell me dates when you want to meet me and Jamie. We will tell you if anything is happening then, and if not, we will meet you.

But I usually work on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. I work Sunday at the moment, but want to phase out of working on that day. Any day but Saturday is a shift I can easily get out of, though.

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