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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Expect Photographic Evidence of Everything Ever
Vibri marches onwards!
I wonder: how can I show off all these pictures I've been taking recently, while I've been travelling here and there? The honest answer is that I probably won't. I have amended some of the more interesting pictures into icon format, and will upload those instead for now.

I have games to sell on eBay. The collection is marginally easier to display as a picture, for how much livejournal dislikes tables imported in from other programs. If anyone wants any of these games before I throw them eBay's way, let me know. Also - as you may work out, given I intend to sell nearly every game - I have to sell off the consoles too. Any takers?

I just opened the last bag of Combos I brought back from America. This bag is the largest of them, but I am very happy and yet very sad that this is all I can have of it for a while. I shall be patient.

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I'd like The Zelda Collectors edition, since mine was stolen/lost in the move. Looked on ebay and the prices vary, so give me an idea how much you would like and p&p etc :)

The prices don't just vary; some people get away with robbery in some of these auctions.

I don't know of many other items that can phase from £10 to £25.

£15 including P&P would be less than you'd be paying on the majority of those auctions, does that seem fair?

Consider it a deal. It seems very fair :) Need particulars of your address if you would for payment purposes, thx :)

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