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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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re: Selling games.
Losing My Head
This post will have screened comments.

For those who want my beloved games, write down your address and put it into this post. Between this post and the last, I'll know what games you want and send them away as swiftly as I can.

Paypal is a quick way to pay me. dean_r@cyberscore.net is my account. I'm pretty flexible with payment, though - let me know what's best for you and I'll see what I can do to help.

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(Screened comment)
I will pack Ape Escape 2 and the original Ape Escape into a jiffy bag tomorrow and send it before I work tomorrow night.

How do you intend to get the £20 into my greedy fingers?

I intend to mail you monopoly money. Or paypal if that isn't acceptable.

Can we pay you with Combos?

(Screened comment)
I have emailed you my name and address to send a cheque to.

Though I'll be away for a few days, so I won't be able to cash it until next Saturday. I'll get the items sent off as quickly as I can, though.

It's okay, It just helps me to be able to send it off tonight :)

Okay. It's been sent off today!

You know how much to send from what I told you prices were before, yah?

£26, right? I didn't manage to get it to the parents before they went out but theres a postbox at the hospital so I can sort it out and pop it in tomorrow, or take it to the post office on saturday.
Ace :)
I'll sort out the envolope and cheque and stuff now and put it in my bag.

Don't worry, take your time. I'll cash it on the 11th. It should have arrived by then.

(Screened comment)
Total: £32.74, sir.

And sent today!

When will we be meeting? I'm back in Grantham (eugh) on the 8th June, but I'll be able to pop to London for the day at any point, and in July Sach and I will be in Southampton, which is even easier.

Obviously I want to get the money to you as soon as possible, so since I trust you 100%, I may as well just pay you now and collect later?

I'll be at work on the 11th, but Jamie and Emily will be in London - Camden, to be more specific - and I could get you to get in contact with them on the day, if you wanted to pick the items up from them. Likewise, you could always come along to the shop again and I'll also find bargains galore (well, I would find real bargains, if the shop wasn't dying) for you.

Pay me now, collect later? If that's what you want. I'm a trustworthy fellow.

Right, judging by a comment you left with Sacha, you're working Wednesdays -> Saturdays? How about meeting up soon, in June, on a Monday or Tuesday? We can spend a long day piffling around.

I'll pay on Paypal if I won't be seeing you for some weeks, otherwise I'll pay when I see you.

Nice icon!

Those days are ideal ones.

But I will not have a free [Mon]day until the 20th. Any day past that seems free; every day before a nightmare.

I'll be happy to wait for the money - Paypal gets a chunk of it. I can treat you with that 80p I save by buying you and Sacha a Kinder Bueno each.

Did you ever get my postcard?

Just got it today. For a strapping man, you have very small handwriting.

Phil has stated he can't read anything I wrote. Handwriting was never my forte :(

Maybe he has awful handwriting-reading talents. Besides, small handwriting is good. Means you can write more on a postcard.

It's only bad for schoolwork, where you had to write 'one page' of an essay or something. I knew a girl whose handwriting was half the size of your handwriting; almost full stops across the page - that was a depressing experience for her.

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