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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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2005: The Summer of Nothing Special (except everything)
Another pondering - I guess that it's quicker to write this than a post about what's been happening - but I'll try to condense this thought.

As a youngster, I always pouted at the summertime. I wasn't a fan of the hot, sticky weather. On occasions I'd be allowed to play outside with the kids who lived in the local area, and go back in within two hours due to rushing around too much. But as a kid who wasn't over-active, I'd sit outside and often write gibberish in notepads instead.

Then video games came along, one Christmas. For me, it was 1993 or 1994. I got a Mega Drive and that was used as a bargaining chip to get friends to come inside and play Sensible Soccer with me, rather than go outside in bitter weather and play actual football. Because of an interest in gaming, summertime caused more bitterness for us little kids. Summer meant that nothing but mediocre games would be released in the UK. I always saw it as a sign that games companies would rather wait until Christmas to release their interesting games. However, I remember being interested in a few summer titles in the last few years. I suppose that's due to the games industry being more lucrative these days, with more developers and publishers.

But this year, now I'm getting a bit bored with the majority of games I play, I wonder if games companies used to want to leave the summer months free of enticing games, just so children could go outside and do active and enjoyable things while the weather is pleasant.

It's unlikely, but it's a nice thought.

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I texted you today, but I think your phone might have retired to Mobile Heaven?

I'm going to Sacha's most likely Monday evening, which means we're both going to be free on Tuesday! Is that a good day to meet up with you in London? :) Hope so.

Speak to you soon!

Should be good - but we have to be back for about 8, as Astrid and Trudi want to take us to a nice coffee bar/pub place-thing from then.

See what happens on Monday, and if it's all going well at your end we can meet you someplace (Liverpool Street?) at sometime (noontime?).

Being back by 8 is fine, as we've both got plenty to do. Noon on Tuesday sounds great - I'll keep in touch.

I'm rather bored with games in general... I mean sure, there are exceptions, like Katamari Damacy, but they're few and far inbetween now... and I don't know if I'm just bitter because Sega is effectively dead, or because I've "grown up." Whatever that means.

I look back at the old days... playing Streets of Rage 2 with a bunch of friends, Shining Force 2 and naming the characters after all my friends, trying to see who could level up that turtle character the most, split screen Sonic, etc. and I miss it, but I also feel old, and that makes me sad.

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