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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The Second Wave of eBay stuff!

I don't want to handle more than a few items at a time. Five items at a time seems the limit.

If anyone wants any of this, let me know and I'll guess a price regarding how much it might sell for - then you can 'Buy It Now' from me, as it were. Or even bid on eBay if you do not believe my price guestimates to be fair.

(Sadly, these types of posts may become more commonplace as I sell my bedroom away...)

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I understand that it's necessary what with moving to America, but it must be sad having to sell all this stuff?

Not really. It feels like the end of a chapter in my life, as it were. It's just a very long and drawn-out ending of a chapter.

Besides, when you look at the primary things I've collected: gaming memorobilia - it's not that important to a person's life. Gaming is a pastime to do in life, not a part of life.

I also don't want to become homesick. So if I make my room as hollow as I can, it makes the prospect of travelling so much more interesting.

So when I direct "DEAN AND JAMIE: THE BRITISH BONNIE AND CLYDE STORY" I can condense the selling chapter of the film to third seconds in fast motion?

Hey! is that the charizard plushie you spoke of about to me, and then it came to thoughts of me humping a lifesize one?

....I'm gonna bid my ass off on that if I can. :D

Nono, there's a larger Charizard. I've just not put him on eBay yet.

Did you try ringing my mobile earlier? All I could hear was a train moving very loudly and not much else... :(

That would be Jamie messing up. She's travelled into London to meet a friend and I gave her my phone to borrow.

Yes that was me being inept, as always.

Apparently my hair brush or Nintendo DS tried to give you a call from my bag while I travelled around London.

Apologies for being forced to listen in on my magical train ride from Enfield!

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