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I was in the centre of Edinburgh during the news of the London bombings. Now I am back home, I read that the majority of my LJ friends situated in London have posted stating they're okay, or have added a comment to someone else's post somewhere.

I hope that all is well for everyone. I am safe, and life is still rushing around at a frantic pace here. I'll post more about that soon, because there's a lot to it and I don't want a very positive post linked to a post about a very negative time.

However, to talk about the attacks in London: I was surprised at how well things were operating this morning, when I arrived in Victoria Coach Station. The rail staff were back to work this morning, which was admirable. However, I didn't notice a significant increase in the police force along the route I travelled (Victoria - Oxford Circus - Liverpool Street - Enfield Town). All I saw were a small group of transport policemen with notepads and handcuffs in Liverpool Street, to control any potential 'terrorism'. I think the IRA bombings that occured in London have given Londoners some reserve to violent attacks like this - people were milling around as usual around London, just trying to get on with their lives.

It's a shame that the G8 summit will now spend more time discussing the war of terrorism, compared to the issues of poverty and the Kyoto Treaty. It's a convenient way to make people support the 'war on terror' again, especially as the media from around the world was in Britain at the time. Add 24-hour news channels to any serious activity and a disaster becomes the beginning of the end.

Also: a paragraph regarding the power that COBRA has disturbs me.

"[COBRA] were designed to cope with a far larger strike than Thursday's, particularly one involving chemical or radiological material, such as a nuclear "dirty bomb".

They would allow a minister to suspend sittings of Parliament if necessary and to declare a bank holiday to shut down businesses. By executive decree, property could be destroyed or requisitioned, assemblies banned, freedom of movement limited, the Armed Forces mobilised and special courts set up to deal with suspects if it was felt another atrocity was planned."

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