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Positives: how Jamie believes in Magic Jews.

As I mentioned before, I arranged for a medical in Edinburgh. It was set to happen on the 7th July. I am not politically-minded, so didn't know of the G8 summit at the time. I'm not musically-minded, so didn't know of the performance at Murrayfield at that time either. But I did find that out at the start of July, and also found a route that'd get us to Edinburgh direct by coach - something that is traditionally impossible. We abused Live 8's Murrayfield performance and jumped onto a Megabus convoy intended for rallyers, music fans and protestors.

The trip was okay for me, but Jamie's sick of long-distance coach journeys. So for the trip, I was trying to find treats at the stops along the way, to surprise and entertain Jamie - large toffee muffins and Monster Munch kept her happy. However, I was unable to keep Jamie calm for a few moments during the trip.

An hour from Edinburgh, a Scottish news team boarded the bus. A cameraman and a reporter came to the top deck of the bus and talked about how some people were using this bus just to hear some musicians on the cheap, and how this wasn't really a bus full of justice-fuelled people. Thankfully, we were not interviewed - our reason for using the bus was unorthodox - but someone in the seats in front of us was. As a result, I was later informed that I was displayed on a British news report. I have finally made it onto national television. I have been told that I was in the background and looked 'shifty'. Given that I was tired at the time, I may have misheard that.

As the bus pulled into Edinburgh, we picked Bob Geldof up. He was on the bus for a minute, and then jumped off of the bus in front of the reporters there to see the convoy, and scuttled off down the road, talking about justice. He looked like a giant man-shrew.

We walked to Princes Street, to see most of the shop windows boarded up. There were fears that protestors might throw a policeman through the glass, or somesuch. Incredible tiredness brought out the impulse purchasers in us, and we erratically entered a Virgin Megastores and bought Labyrinth and Buffalo 66 within ten minutes of being in Edinburgh.

We met Katie, a friend of Jamie's. She'd offered to let us stay at her place while we were up north, an offer we were grateful for. We also met Ben, a friend of Katie's with a soothing Scottish accent. His pronounciation of the word 'three' made Jamie happy. We took a bus ride and said goodbye to Ben, and arrived back at Katie's home to sleep for a few hours.

A good sleep later, we walked back into Edinburgh with Katie and picked up snacks. It began to rain heavily on the way back. I got soaked, and enjoyed it. Something about always expecting rain up north, and having it happen - I like it when what I expect happens, even if it is a blinkered and stereotypical view of northern weather. We then dried ourselves and sent emails and worked out travel plans for the next day, which involved waking up early. We were meant to go to see a comedy show but found we were unable to find the club until 40 minutes into the show. I hate arriving that late for something, so we shuffled home in depression, upset that this trip was going to be remembered as a bad thing.

The next day arrived and we woke up before 8. A phone call to a mini cab company told us that the trip to the medical centre would take a half hour. This shocked us, but the minicab ride was cheap and the driver's voice very thick - an accent Jamie couldn't handle. She was amused that I was able to comprehend the driver and have a lengthy conversation.

The medical occured in a simple building full of friendly staff and American women fussing over the Scottish men, ensuring they didn't mess things up. It reminded me of how active Jamie has been on the visa side of things, while I have been the person who racks up as much money as I can for the trip. The medical went well - especially due to a phone call inbetween the medical.

"Hi, it's Cliff. We just got a letter through from the American Embassy. Give us a call back and we'll open it if you want."

As quickly as possible, I called back. My phone then went dead and panicked me, which panicked Jamie - she could see me frustrated at the phone. Family called me back and opened the envelope - and I found out we had an interview date of the 8th August, 2005.

Our target is to leave Britain before Jamie's visa ran out on the 30th August. With this news, we are one interview away from making it.

Such was Jamie's excitement at the news, that she was unable to remain calm while trying to pour herself a cup of tea. Her hand trembled like nothing you've ever seen.

We got back into Edinburgh, heard of the London bombing news, and came back to Katie's place to hear George Bush needs stabilisers. Katie, Jamie and I then went up Arthur's Seat, a hill 250 metres above sea level. There was an incredible view from the top of this hill, and all three of us found that we could be healthier.

After practically falling back down the hill, Jamie and I then went into the city centre to meet up with Holly and discussed types of soaps and where pipers might be found and how impressive the cityscape was - Edinburgh was a beautiful city for views, which Jamie will hopefully show off on her photography journal in the near future.

We went into Camera Obscura - a museum devoted to optical illusions. We found some beautiful works involving holograms and Escher-esque pictures inside, and noted from one exhibition that if Jamie and I were to have a child, it would look like Bill Bailey. We also found that a hand and Holly would produce a very worrying anime-styled happy hand for offspring.

With that, we left Holly and dashed onto our coach - Edinburgh to Glasgow. We then dashed onto our next coach - Glasgow to London. We were finally back home, with the incredible driving of 'Magic Joe', the 'best bus driver in the world' getting us back home quickly and smoothly. He was a lovely person. The skeletal underground service was fine to get us home, where we have since collapsed and been in a good mood all day.

So. That's about it. This post went on a bit, I guess. But for two days' worth of travelling, we crammed a lot of stuff in. More than I thought was possible to shove into two days, to be honest. I'm definitely going to remember this trip to Edinburgh as a wonderful time. I hoped I would enjoy the city and the people and the architecture - but finding out you'll be leaving the country with the person you love without a panic is good enough news to stick in your mind for quite a while.

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