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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Revolution to the origin.
Ickle Cute Thing
It felt nice writing 'home' and thinking of Glen Rock.

The amount of negativity in the family will not stop this happening. It will mean that I won't be informing them of my life over there. It appears the Rivers motto may indeed be "out of sight, out of mind".

I have always had situations where I have been in power, but never pressed the issue with this family, for the ramifications could hurt some of them. However, they've been only too happy to treat people I care about with no dignity at all. I have no qualms in wrecking what they take for granted.

Glass houses and throwing stones and all that.

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I knew things in the Rivers household were never amazing, but didn't know they were that bad, what have they been saying?

Grandmother Clarke believes Jamie is manipulating me into leaving, and continues to create stories with the intention of making us change our mind.

Mother Rivers shows no desire to help or bond before I leave, caring more about shoes she wants me to put on eBay before I leave. My bedroom has been stolen by a 'recovering' Grandmother Clarke, and while she seems upset about this, she has no intention of making her leave, despite the fact me and Jamie continue to need internet access to contact Americans and organise our wedding and receptions.

Clifford Edmonds is the gossip-spreader, but also the fan of viewing incest. So his information should be taken with a pinch of salt.

I think that's the concise format.

Erk, sounds like if there's manipulating it certainly isn't coming from Jamie.

*hugs* Good luck to you two in America, I'll pop round and say hi sometime too maybe if you want to meet up.

Thank you...THANK you for saying that. That's exactly what I said when he told me aabout his grandma's accusations.

I'm the only one who ever supports his decisions, while THEY are the ones who make decisions for him, constantly.


It's really hard to deal with something like that. :(

Seriously, when you all are in New York, we should get in touch. I'm running off to Massachusetts in a few weeks, against my family's wishes (because I'm supposed to do what they say for the rest of my life~), and as MA and NY aren't horribly far apart, I think we could hang out one day. :)

It's s freaky to me, because my family is so mellow and so supportive. They would never ever even think of trying to talk you out of something you wanted to do or force you to do something.

So it's this massive shock for me, especially when I am being targetted as the "evil one".

MA is not far away at all. As luck would have it, my aunt is trying to get us to go with her to Sturbridge, MA for 2 days on August 19, but we made no decisions. I'm sure Dean will mention if we do end up going or not. :)

To be blunt: wankers. I'll become your new mother-in-law <3

Sounds absolutely wonderful Sacha.

Can I escort Phil to the Wedding? I promise I won't stick my tounge in his ear.

My family is very similar. I tell them to pretend I'm dead, which is more biting since my brother's passing.

Family is not just blood, it's who loves you, who cares for you. Those who stick through everything.

Ask your Grandmother why she is being a cunt. I promise the reaction will be priceless.

I like this "I'm dead" line.

And the comment towards the grandmother may well happen the day before we leave, as I say my 'goodbyes'.

I'm sorry. :( I know it doesn't help, but mine is very nasty about my starting my life up north as well. It's so depressing, because I'd have liked them to be happy for me, because I sure as hell am happy for myself. What's wrong with starting afresh? Let them talk, I say. It's just sad that it comes down to this.

My family believe life with them would be better, and I have an interesting fact about each of them that displays incredible faults in personality.

The amount of stress my family put into inane things like washing amazes Jamie.

Mine feel the same, I think. I know my mother thinks that I can't survive without her (or her money). My parents in general think that I won't know how to wake up in the morning without them there. They are getting progressively worse (getting very nit-picky over small things that don't matter), but it only makes me realize my decision was the right one to make. I can get along with them just fine, but not in this house, under the same roof.

I try to see my situation as a good thing, in a way, because I'm sure that had I remained comfortable at home, I'd stay here indefinitely.

I'm gonna miss you :( Not worth much I'm sure, but it's true. Told you you'd find it someday, though. If you never did, what hope was there for the world?

Silly LJ froze earlier, when I was trying to respond.

This relationship has gone well, and it was only when I stopped looking for love that I found Jamie. Clichés are excellent.

I'll miss all the Abbychatters. Maybe I can have a quick natter and see what's going on UK-wise every so often, or send some letters from America. It's not like I'm disappearing forever, into a vortex of peanut butter.

Phil said I'm not invited to the wedding


GoodCow2K (9:23:43 PM): I'm going to Dean's wedding anyway.
GoodCow2K (9:23:49 PM): Why the fuck are YOU going though?

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