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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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In other news: who wants to buy a giant Charizard?
A while ago, I put some plushes up on eBay. I was informed that two of these might end up worth a fair amount. Sonic and Tails are apparently passé these days, and their prices indicated as such - but still very impressive, given they're stuffed toys. However, if these people really intend to pay as much as they do for Rouge and Shadow, I will be amused - but shocked and depressed for humanity. Definitely depressed for humanity.

In other news, Nan is still here. I've got past the anger stage, and instead go for the better option: ignorance. Ignore she's in the room and act just like normal. Admittedly, me and Jamie can't talk as much because she eavesdrops and gossips, but it's obvious she can't deal with silence well, trying to strike up conversation about inane subjects with no success. It's really fun to hear her mumble to herself in despondence at how we're acting. It'll teach her for claiming Jamie's manipulating me into leaving for America.

It's really fun when you do what we did tonight: see her sleeping, ignore her and come in here anyway, posting on livejournal and checking email. I know it's a little harsh if you haven't heard the comments she's made, but if you had you'd be amazed at our resilience.

As I say, we can let these people know what I think of them and their inadequacies as I leave. At that point I will have had to be busy, organised and hard-working: something none of these have displayed in large amounts for years. I will not keep any more secrets between the family, like they all do. I will leave happy with someone I deserve, while they will remain with who they deserve. Whether they're happy or not depends on if they listen to a thing I say, like they usually don't.

Has anyone had any experience with international shipping companies? I keep getting told by my sister it might be cheaper to buy a cubic metre of space to ship all my possessions over to America, with the alternative being packing extra and paying the shipping charges Virgin will demand.

But then, when Nan disappears I can throw all manner of strange things on eBay. Posters, shoes, t-shirts, gum (in mint condition) and tennis racquets might end up on there. I really do have to stop thinking about simple old DVDs and games that can go on there, and think of how I can make this room as empty and hollow as I can before I go.

It'll be a fitting reminder for the family. If it wasn't for someone special, I might have ended up just as hollow.

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Then at least Tom Hanks will be able to study British culture until rescue, and make a new Toy Story where he has a British accent, and sips tea, and Big Ben is a robot.

Big Ben is a robot

With laser eyes.

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