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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Lo, The Distant Crux Flies By
Grumble grumble.
My Sunday shift finishes at 4 PM. After that, I believe I am not working at this shop any more. I want one week to say goodbye to people if the K-1 visa we are attempting to acquire is given to us.

That's it. Just over two years. Two quirky years. Butterflies in the stomach now. This was a job I enjoyed because of the location, the staff and the freedom you got. As time has passed, the area has got more dubious and the choices in new staff are getting more disconcerting. I wonder if we keep hiring dunderheads out of pity. Maybe the manager wants to look really good in relation to them.

Speaking of positions of authority: I've been the temporary manager of this place for these last three weeks, as well. This hasn't been anything scary, I've enjoyed the extra work I put in. However, I've given up trying to fix the mistakes of the other staff members, for their mistakes usually take hours to fix. For example, if they want to put the films out for sale with the discs still in the boxes, allowing them to be stolen easily... well, that's a whole new level of stupid I don't want to pretend I know of, and I don't intend to stand checking every DVD box for two hours, working out what is where.

The things you could do in this place in the name of 'work' are just as unbelievable. I'm going to miss the erratic schedule and being called up to cover someone at an hour's notice. It's what made the days interesting, strange as it sounds. And I did eventually manage to get the average staff member a pay rise - only because the manager was giving one of the slackers more than the rest of us on the sly, because they got chummy and played poker together.

While there's this feeling of camaraderie in the shop between the staff members, I must admit I'd never have considered started a conversation with most of them, if I were at some social gathering where you're meant to talk to strangers. As a result, I'm sure none of them will be that bothered. The co-worker will meet me at 4, I'll tell him what work is to be done, and then leave.

I have friends who are interested in this job. I'll inform the owner and give them glowing references. They might even get the job. The problem is that so many others in the group are getting lazy, and unless something is done to show how little they do, any faults will be blamed on 'the new guy'.

I have been asking friends and really nice customers who I get on with for email addresses, and I'll try and sift a few more off the rental system. I'm awful at keeping in contact with people, but email will probably be the best way to contact British people for the near future - especially as I don't have to hear an accent and be reminded of home. I've also been asking friends to pop in so I can enjoy messing around, watching DVDs and playing four-player Bomberman on the Nintendo DS.

For that, I am going to miss this place. Like a drunk to a pub, this is a place I went to play games, because I know games are here and people interested in games are also here. I'm just lucky I got paid to play them.

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Can I write you and Jamie love letters? With extra stickers?

I hope you get as good a job over there as you had here. It's weird quitting a job that you're really used to and you know you're good at. You find yourself missing it for some weird reason.

By the way, which airport are you leaving from?

Only if you use glittery pens!

I'm hoping the job situation goes well. All I can do is wait and see. I feel that I'll find something that'll make me happier than Jamie would find over here.

We leave from Heathrow. Yet your asking us made me nervous and uncertain. Jamie's certain though, because women are good like that.

Glittery smelly pens! If your work involves anime etc etc in any form, I'm going to make good use of you. *cackle*

What time are you planning on leaving? ^_^

Next week sounds good.

When do we meet you? Later in the week, I hope (Thursday afternoon-evening, Friday day-afternoon is perfect for us).

I'm confused! Are you coming to see us or are we coming to see you? Wah!

You wanted us to meet you..?

Even more confusion! What's going down next week?

From what I knew:

You wanted us to meet you and see your apartment before we leave. We like this idea. Me and Jamie leave on the 15th. Therefore the best days to meet you (if you still want us to visit) are Thursday and Friday. We can travel in Thursday afternoon, see things, stay the night, see the city in the morning and then sod off home.

That, my dear friend, sounds like a most excellent plan. I didn't know that you'd have enough time to visit, so we were planning on stalking you at Heathrow.

So this Thursday? It's all good. :) Whaddya want to eat etc?

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