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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Application for a U.S. Visa Result:
I met Dave Gorman.

And shook his hand.

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Been there, done that (three years agooooo)...
fk and dg

He was shocked that someone would have the audacity to ask him for a handshake inside the U.S. Embassy.

I prefer him with the beard. It truly makes him look 30-ish.

I wonder why he's heading States-side. Maybe another Off Broadway tour, maybe another part of a book he's writing. If I wasn't speaking unintelligbly, maybe I'd know right now.

I have no idea who Dave Gorman is.

www.davegorman.com and all that.

I went to the American Embassy and all I got was this lousy visa.

Oh man, this comment rules! Congrats on getting your visa though! :)

Thanks, now I have less than a week to pack my life up, ell part of it anyway.

Ah good luck with that! We leave a week from today so I have some idea of how overwhelmed you must feel with it all.

Ahh, good luck with that yourself.

Also as someone who has done a study abroad year, any tips, hints or advice?

If you're staying in a dorm, bring warm clothes! Those rooms will freeze you to death in the winter, I swear! (By the way, what state will you be travelling to?)

I couldn't really give you many tips as I had a MISERABLE time here at Middlesex University. The actual academic part of this study abroad year was quite possibly the worst experience of my life, but only because it is the worst school this world has ever seen.

I would say to try and make as many friends as you can in your dorm or wherever you are staying. Try and go out with them as much as you can, even if it's to places you wouldn't normally go to. It will help with the loneliness and link you up with new people. Some of my biggest college mistakes have been not going out enough with the people around me, thus being isolated with only a friend or two to depend on.

Be as outgoing as you can :) Oh and I advise you to try and shy away from phoning home for awhile. voices and stories from home make homesickness worse at first...

Going to Iowa, seemed the most agreeable temperature wise out of the choices.

I remember dorm life well, so hopefully should be ok with that again. I kinda did the opposite in the first year and went out with too many people so it took a while to get into a close knit group when most peoplehad theirs.

Thanks for the homesickness heads up though.

I have been informed this is a good indication of how Iowa is:

Iowa is a farming state. It might be a bit flat, a bit barren, a bit empty at places.

Weatherwise: Iowa has hit peaks of 100 F, but also has several dips below 0 F, so be prepared for the cold more than the hot - especially with the potentially open space.

What part of Iowa do you stay in?

I got stats with average summer temp of 30 and average winter of -3, so shouldn't be TOO bad.

I'm staying in Ames, it's about an hour or so out of Des Moines I think.

this is where posting of the complete story is required

ps what is it with you bumping into famous people lately? deary me.

1. Maybe.

2. Which other famous people?

He wasn't anything special, like Gorman.

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