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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Wedding bands and jobs at hand.
What I Do At Work...
What with the visa application going well (as I now hold my passport and I see a U.S. visa in it) Jamie and I just purchased wedding bands via eBay.

A man showing off jewellery. How quaint.

90% of the items I could have sold have indeed been sold. I have a few items left lying around, and an urge to throw them up on eBay as well, just on a one day auction. I also need to buy myself some large cardboard roll so I can save some of the posters and pictures from this room. With that, the only items left lying around that will be small trinkets and utter junk.

One day I will sit down and write things in here. Proper things. Probably once I get to America. I feel like I'm wasting time writing loads here, that could be used enjoying the last few days of seeing the greys of Enfield.

And I need to make some data CDs, to save everything on this PC that I need to keep. That job depresses me.

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an urge to throw them up on eBay as well

I have this image of you hugging a toilet while all these DVD's and figurines come out of your mouth. The little plastic limbs would surely scratch on the way up.

...not pleasant. Not at all.

Mae (hearts) Jamie + Dean.

Oh wow. Congrats! I must have missed something soemwhere about you guys getting married. :)

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