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Wedding bands and jobs at hand.

What with the visa application going well (as I now hold my passport and I see a U.S. visa in it) Jamie and I just purchased wedding bands via eBay.

A man showing off jewellery. How quaint.

90% of the items I could have sold have indeed been sold. I have a few items left lying around, and an urge to throw them up on eBay as well, just on a one day auction. I also need to buy myself some large cardboard roll so I can save some of the posters and pictures from this room. With that, the only items left lying around that will be small trinkets and utter junk.

One day I will sit down and write things in here. Proper things. Probably once I get to America. I feel like I'm wasting time writing loads here, that could be used enjoying the last few days of seeing the greys of Enfield.

And I need to make some data CDs, to save everything on this PC that I need to keep. That job depresses me.

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