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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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I'm in America.
Everything is fine.

I'm enjoying the area I'm now living in. It feels like home.

I'll post something more substantial when I'm not going around and having fun seeing new people and places.

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I'm glad you feel at home. I've been thinking about you guys. =)

Likewise, me and Jamie often talk about how things are going for you when we catch one of your posts on our friends pages. It's good to hear things are going so well for you too.

Charming! I'm touched. =)

we've always been the in-touch-always-through-blogs-and-aim sort, and I know you've been too busy for those things lately. that said, i suppose you could say that I'm really excited to see you again.

I know, that's how I always was. But with this new household and new things to do, AIM is a plan that's long gone. Email and Livejournal are the two ways to get in contact with me electronically and instantly, except for the very nice method of telephone.

I also suppose you could say that I was excited to see which people bothered to care about me!

It's good to hear that you're okay. :) Hope you like the thing I sent you two. ^___^

It's not arrived yet.

Did you send it to the right address? Did it explode as customs looked at it?

I want it.

(Deleted comment)

But without a car or funds to travel around, this might be as good as it gets for a while. But once work arrives and I settle down, we can start to travel and meet up with friends, I'm sure.

Glad you're okay. :D

By the way, if permanant accounts are the same as Extra Icons paid accounts, you now have 100 icon slots.

Excellent! I do not need any more icons, though, so I will have to fill the rest of the icon space up with pictures of cats for Jamie.

I was wondering when you guys would get around to posting. ^_~ Glad you're all right and everything's going well!

Very well, now!

I'm sitting in a yellow room with a back pain and a person making twittering sounds to my left, and I couldn't be happier.

Glad your settled, and all is well.

Take care and say Hello to Jamie for me.


I shall indeed take care. I said hello to Jamie. She said hello, or something like that. I get these things mixed up.

And it's good to see you got one of these things. This makes you another person I've corrupted!

It feels likes home? Good. Now start paying taxes!

Once your government lets me get on with work; gladly!

As of 7/5/04, from this company I've been with since April, the US has already taken $7300 from me.

And my wife makes more than $8 more an hour than me :(

She gets bent over, in a manner of speaking


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