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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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that's all, folks

Jamie took her ring off today. It's the sign that wedding rings really don't matter as much as you'd think, but they do look good in photographs.

Congratulations! Welcome to the expat life!

A big congrats to both of you! :3

Thank you!

Did you know, for that photo, our heads were actually cut off and then put back on again later when we wanted to eat.

Thank you!

Did you know, when the ceremony official asked if anyone had any objections to me and Jamie getting wed, Jamie glared at her dad, which made him laugh.


Did you know, when the ceremony official asked if anyone had any objections to me and Jamie getting wed, I noticed there was a telephone in the room and feared it would ring at that precise moment.

Much love to both of you!

More love! Huzzah!

I wonder if we can sell our excess love on eBay! You know, the strange loves, like when you love it when the other person yawns just as they're about to drink a glass of orange juice, whilst wearing yellow and the sun shines upon them. Those strange, pointless, exact loves.

Woo! Congratulations! :D

Thank you!

I feel so old, and yet so useless.

Not much has changed.

Oi oi, congratulations, you two!


I finally got to fulfil a dream at that wedding: I wore pinstripes.

Old man grumblin in the distance,
sad to see the kiddies goin by
doing all the fun things he used to do
when all he's got left to do is die.

Smeg a roonie. Congrats and OH BOY.

OH BOY? It was fun.

Seriously: don't consider marriage this big scary bloated monster. It's a day you get to enjoy with people you care about, and some deranged relatives you hope never to see again.

Ahahah, nice one. Congratulations, you two!

The day was more fun than eighteen trips around the London Aquarium!

Stupid aquarium. I paid the equivalent of $15 for that.

Did you know I look like I have short stubby arms due to the way I'm sitting typing this comment to you? Feel privileged.

Been there, done that.

How's the fun in your part of the woods?

If, by woods, we mean corn fields.

wtp? Already? You don't waste any time! I wish you guys the best!

Tis how the K-1 visa goes. I get here and marry and we file paperwork to keep me here, and it all has to be done within 90 days.