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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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(no subject)
I never fully explained the processes that me and Jamie went through to get here, and the complications of the K-1 visa which determined that the wedding must have taken place so quickly, and the lengthy process we still have to go through before we can relax.

I suppose the reason why I never explained was that Jamie has been writing it down so eloquently herself, while I have begun to grow tired of writing so much. I should write more in general; it might fire me up. Yet (to repeat myself) the process to keep me here takes so much of our time and energy that this is something that can be ignored, to some extent, for a while. Until then, Jamie's journal is a good place to look to for how things are going between us. Once I get back to my usual self, I'll add any details she may have forgotten.

During the time I have been here, I have felt guilty of being a burden at times. I don't impose myself often enough. I'll try and change that.

I was saddened that some people were shocked at the picture that was recently shown, as that also means I haven't been sappy enough about Jamie for some of you. To be blunt: she is a wonderful person to have. She always makes me happy, and I'm glad I make her happy too.

That's all.

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You could never been a burden, seeing as you LIVE here in this house now! We're all allowed to be equal pains. If you truly do become a massive pain, Hobbes will just scratch your eyes out. ;)

I am the happiest.


Just asking :(

You don't need to show pictures to let people know how 'sappy' you are about Jamie - it's blindingly obvious to anyone who's met you both or has been following your LJs. :)


Or quiet.

Depends on if you're being an insufferable wench again.

No package yet! We're considering sending you a cicada!

Who the hell was saddened?!

Hope it all works out for you. As for your usual self, don't think the US is ready for that! As for jamie, Throw cream eggs and red bull at her, that usually works^^

You'll have to pitch them the few thousand miles, for the US has no Cream Eggs or Red Bull right now.

pahsons, you are a lesser deity of a higher realm.

be sappy more. no sarcasm intended.

I am a sappy one. I just don't bother typing it out.

Love just doesn't sound as good when it's heard as click-click-click-click.

B'sides, we're married now. This is as good as it gets, isn't it? The rapid decline starts soon!

But... but.... Jamie's journal is friends only and I'm not a friend :(

'Current music - air conditioners' - you lucky sod! We've all been baking back here in sunny London! (not at work mind you; the air conditioners were set to 'ice age', I think.)

Yes update more Dean, I wanna know how the both of you are doing. :)

I don't get them, though. They have a temperature setting, and changing the temperature on them does nothing, as far as I feel.

It's still nice to have cool air around, but man, the humidity - I don't think I've ever been so appreciative of slight breezes as I do here.

(Did you know, when I was younger I used to get really angry if it was really windy and pretend I was punching the air, to try to wind it (do you see the bad pun?) and stop it a bit. Thankfully, I stopped that just last week.)

I ran into astrid in enfield town yesterday!

We wondered what you would like to be sent... how about a nice case of German Cherry Trink? I heard youse like the germaness of it

At what speed did you run into her? Are you trying to kill my friends?

Actually, US cherry coke is good enough that I don't miss German stuffs. I will admit I keep going on about missing Flame Grilled Steak McCoy's. Jamie really misses Jaffa Cake Bars and (its more elusive cousin) the Jaffa Cake Muffin.

honestly dean the only reason i was shocked was that i haven't been paying attention. i wouldn't worry about it if i were you.

Wasn't intended for you, chap. I know you use this place more to pass a message on than read journals intimately - you've got too much going on in your life to laze on here.

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