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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Jamie's laptop (its connection is with AOL) has an intense fear of displaying secure sites. This makes it difficult to try to check any websites like eBay, Amazon, Paypal and such. I'm too tired and with dialup it's difficult to browse around and find answers, but it'd be nice to fix this soon, so this is a reminder for me / pleas for someone to suggest ideas. Jamie's laptop also makes jpgs look more blurry when they're viewed in Internet Explorer, or in the AOL window, even when it looks fine in a picture program right next to it.

My sole splurge that hasn't had anything to do with the wedding or trying new foods out was Advance Wars: Dual Strike. At the same time I bought Jamie a birthday present of Wario Ware: Twisted. It may sound a little sad that the item I got her wasn't anything especially romantic, and it's just a bit of plastic with programming inside, but it's one of the most entertaining things she has here.

Our rooms are currently in a state of waiting for new furniture or paint or carpets. We had our first attempt at taking off wallpaper recently, and we found it a difficult task, but not as difficult as trying to get the glue off the walls. Any suggestions? The only idea I've heard is drench the wall with water, wait and repeat until the room has water up to your knees, and I hope there's a better way.

In a hint of mild desperation I popped into a games shop and passed on a form. Cue an impressed manager, who said I was qualified for the job, and may well wait for my Social Security Number (UK chaps: you need it to work) to arrive and hire me rather than rush in some imbecile.

I feel content here. I like waking up on a futon next to Jamie, lounging around for a bit, going into the town centre for a buttered roll and Sunkist, walking back, organising what we'll do for the day, and then hoping a friend with a car can come by so we can do these things.

I do sense one of us is going to have to learn to drive in the near future. This doesn't strike fear into me like the idea driving in England did. The width in the roads and the more patient mentality of drivers (where they give pedestrians right of way in many places) are a blessing. Though we'd then have to find the money to buy a car. That sounds entertaining.

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Juno works for $10 a month. I've been using it for over 6 years now.

Hot steaming iron on the walls. Emphasis on the hot steam. But I'd personally take an orbital snader, put on some rough grit paper (anything under 60) and take it down to the sheetrock.

My B2 would take it down in minutes


If it's horsehair plaster, I'd replace the walls. You will see that doing so is easier than patching the wall from when the wallpaper takes it down anyways. Horsehair does not patch easliy. I won't even bother with such in my house, I just take down the wall.

As for the drivers? In the US? Are you kidding me? You think they only drive like that in NYC? I could run circles around the NYC taxi cabs, and I'm not considered aggressive

BTW, right of way is law, punishable by fine/punishment (jail time, revocation of liscence), or both. In all states.

We've got the idea of going towards Optimum, for its television/telephone/connection deal. It should be okay.

Hot steaming iron? Never considered that - could always find a cheap one and use it just for this job. But it's more to do with how much glue is here - 50 years' worth, given that was when the awful wallpaper went up.

I stopped Jamie when some lady wanted to turn into a drive-thru. The driver seemed nervous and slightly amused when we let her have right of way, as if she was concerned that we'd placed a landmine just outside Wendy's.

I want to hijack Lois' van and drive it around the mall parking lot. And then crash into Best Buy and steal a tv.

Redundant thing to steal now!

You are SO much more than all.

Jamie needs to get off AO-Hell. I stayed with them for 12 years because of their "user-friendliness." Things are so much better here on the outside, I had no idea. Also if there is any possible way you can work a cable modem connection, I highly recommend it (though it might be too cost prohibitive).

Also (hopeful) congrats on getting work so quickly. They'd be fools not to hire you.

They want me, apparently, once a SSN is obtained.

Can't complain.

Ah, wallpaper paste! Remember the very hot summer 4 years ago? I spent it scrubbing paste off walls in our hallway. A torment invented by Satan and all his little devils (no air-conditioning, of course!) I used water, Flash, and a LOT of elbow grease. And discovered it's not a good idea having a tall husband scrubbing at the walls higher up in the same place: wallpaper paste is even harder to get out of your hair! Fun, fun, fun.

I hope your SS number come through soon - glad the game shop recognised your excellent qualities! Good luck! It sounds like a good employer.

love - Maggie

Ooh, what a load of fun that must have been for you. At least this room has a low ceiling, so we don't have to worry of wallpaper paste dripping on us.

Between me and Jamie, elbow grease is something we'll use as a last resort.

AOhell is truly teh suck. On broadband at the moment, my boyfriend can't even get online, AOhell is trying to dial numbers other then it should be, and his main PC died when he tried using that instead. So I'm currantly stuck without any way of talking to the boi except texts.
As for wallpaper, I'm afraid soaking the walls all I've ever seen in action.

Can't you call him; buy a phonecard and start talking to him? Talking's far nicer than words. Once you start hearing a voice, words really don't do justice.

Seriously, when he gets back online, at least consider looking into Skype. Free phonecalls through PCs, if I recall correctly.

The amount of time we talk, honestly, using my mobile is cheaper. Usually I don't have to talk to him every night, I've just not had a good fortnight.
*raises eyebrow* I doubt his home PC could run anything other then word and the internet. Thats completely knackered now. As for the laptop, well, thats up to him. And this PC, I have to ask before I put anything onto it/sign up to things etc.

You guys make me feel all warm and happy inside. Will you be posting more photos?

Jamie does, because she has the patience to edit them and make them pretty. I often steal her camera and take nice pictures, but I don't think I've the ability to upload them all and resize them as necessary. Icons are my limit.

When I put pictures up these days, I'm just stealing some of her pictures and plopping them into here. on occasion, but not too often.

Wow, everything seems to be going so well for you and after everything else I've read today that's certainly made me happy to know you're happy.

There are setbacks, but nothing so major that it's worth worrying about. When you make as big a step as this there are ten, twenty things a day you can enjoy that make you feel glad you made the decision.

Turning round to see Jamie making strange noises, for example, is one of the nicer things I've begun to enjoy.

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