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Pieces of Fate

I must commend Mr. goodcow, for he managed to aid us with the first and second major parts of our new household.

One of our rooms will have a television, with games systems and a DVD player (which he got us as a wedding present, so we're already in his debt for that) all hooked up to it, so that we have ways to entertain guests. As the part the rest rely on, we set a limit of about $500 for this television, and hoped for something around 28 inches for this price.

So, I ask Phil for advice. He is known as the Amazon guru - he purchases from Amazon several times a day, buying anything from electronics to toilet paper. And bless his heart, within five minutes he finds a decent 20 inch flat screen television for $200. This amazes me.

But I'm greedy, and press for more. Five minutes later he finds the 27 inch model of this television - and it's only $280. Except, as it's a lot heavier, it incurs a $100 shipping charge. Still, it was what we wanted and less than we expected, so we weren't complaining.

But we were able to be tongue in cheek. I suggested if that could be bought for less than $300, we'd take it; we set Phil the task of getting Amazon to ship a 100-pound television for no cost. Somehow he managed it. End result: the television we wanted at $280 or so, and one room really coming together. I don't understand how it happened, but I'm content - thanks, Phil!

Now all we have to do is take glue from the walls and we can get cracking on the other room. But that seems like such a chore. Maybe with the money we saved, we can find some people to do it for us. I have found children work for low rates, and are relatively disposable.

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