Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

When It Won't Shut Up, Let It Out, Let It Out

What if Earth was Hell, and people who believe themselves to be reincarnated are actually people that've been stuck here for a while? Furthermore, what if we had to do something out of the ordinary before we die to get out of this monotony? Is the notion of 'the meaning of life' there to try to make us do something special to be able to develop ourselves further, and possibly get out of this dying world, before a Judgement Day occurs? It would leave people that would never get out of the concept that this is all there is to existence.

But then, what if this was Heaven? What if we'd all earned our ability to get to this place from previous hardship and kindness, and reincarnation showed that the individual had been good enough in the past to stay there, and would keep coming back to enjoy life should they not become corrupted? It would be more difficult to stay 'good' enough every time, as new items would exist to try to deviate us from a true objective in life - our current generation suffers due to capitalism, fear and lethargy in trying to actively change the world. But in this process, this is what evolution would be - a separation of the strong-willed from the weak.

And what if this isn't even what we have to look forwards to? What if this is all a void of nothingness, and everything around you is what your imagination makes up - because the mind is a powerful object - while we lay elsewhere, as if our minds and souls were in another state entirely from our persons, our being.

At what point does life, with all its random permutations, ever create black or white scenarios? Even the notion that everything is fate relies on a single path of destiny that all of us will travel. With this idea in mind, that nothing is truly a total opposite of itself, that there is never truly an extreme hot or cold, rich or poor, that there cannot be a truly extreme good/bad afterlife, because that would mean that we are in a situation of yeses and nos, trues and falses, 1s and 0s, and this is a human notion especially brought through with technology, and not a natural (or even supernatural) notion that should be instilled in all of us, if society and money and technology hadn't made themselves more prominent.

Lastly: if you can believe that there truly isn't an extreme good and an extreme evil, why do we allow things to be banned from us? Is there a possibility that some things that are banned from us are good for us, and that some things that are not banned from us are bad for us? At what point did someone else decide we are not strong enough to make these decisions? At what point did we (as a collective group of millions, or billions) let them?

When I was at school, we had a whole term discussing the notion of censorship in television and we discussed that as each person has their own level of tolerance, it would be unfair to limit a mass group for the sake of a prudish few. After all, that minority could simply hit the off switch and go and enjoy the real world. Yet, this real world is more censored than television, or any forum where public opinion can differ, because this real world is based on rules set by so few people, and it takes so many people to alter the rules again.

In other news: I have made new icons.

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