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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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(no subject)
One Bright Idea
I'm... in Seattle. Did I say I was going to Seattle? I don't think I did.

It's nice here. I'm staying with Jamie's sisters, who are vegan. As a result, for this first week I've been here I've been eating like a vegetarian. The only thing meat-based I've eaten since arriving was a quesadilla with some chicken in. It's interesting to try new things all over again, and to be honest, the vegetarian foods that're made over here are very close to what meat tastes like. I've been addicted to vegetarian bacon for quite a bit of time now.

I'll leave all the details and ins and outs of where I've been: that goes on for too long and doesn't get many responses anyway. But this is the fifth state I've been to in America. I'm kind of impressed in my ability to travel without really trying to. I suppose it's best to say that I've let a lot of decisions revolve around whatever seemed the most interesting thing to do.

It's quite nice here. After the stuffiness of Glen Rock, which is such a rich utopian suburb, it's nice to see so many people who will dress more uniquely and expressively over here. Seattle seems like a city with a free spirit, and it's hard to grow tired of a place like that.

Pictures later.

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Good to hear your having fun and being taken care of. Shame they turned you vegan.

We can't draw gorillas.

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