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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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(no subject)
Calm Against Chaos
Today is Thanksgiving Day here in America. I still don't feel particularly in sync with American traditions to understand and enjoy this day to its fullest, but the gist of it seems to be that it's like Christmas, in that it's a day to gorge food and talk to the family, but for this holiday you only have to deal with the family in short bursts, and there's no equivalent of a Boxing Day in sight, where the grandmother gets drunk and insults everyone.

However, as I am in a vegan household, there will be no turkey, as is the Thanksgiving tradition. Instead we will eat some things that will taste like meat, without anyone getting the job of putting their hand up the backside of a dead bird.

Our meal will consist of pan-fried tofu with onions and gravy, stuffing with vegan sausage, mashed potatoes with vegan bacon, green bean casserole, rolls with vegan butter and a chocolate cream pie with apple crisp. The majority of these things are foods I normally do not eat, so this is quite a litmus test in me trying new things. I've also had a weird stomach all day so I'm already feeling guilty that all this hard work will be snubbed by me. Still, there's three other people here who will stuff their faces happily and will just have extra due to my fussiness, so nobody will lose out.

One other thing to mention of this part of the world is that there are so many fabulous mountains in this area. Mount Rainier is the most famous of these. Rainier is an elusive volcano, that is 14,000 feet tall and yet often hidden by fog or steam from the Tacoma factories. We saw it properly for the first time yesterday. It left me awestruck, and also left the masculine part of me wanting to climb it, for no apparent reason.

This has felt most like an event with my new family, moreso than either wedding reception. I like this feeling. Even if Kim is set to wreck it by slapping everyone up.

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Wow, no dead bird. My mother was showing me how tasty the heart was last night too.

Hi Dean. I'm a member of your Sonicstuff community and have been for nearly 2 yeras now. But unfortunately due to the fact that my ex-husband continues to delete my comments in praise for his picture edits, I am leaving the community. I feel I have no voice or opinion there any longer and my point of view is not welcome.

Sonicstuff has turned into the_terrible's platform for his copyright infringements. Some appreciate them, a lot don't. I just hope he doesn't get in trouble with them.

Again, I'm sorry for having to leave your community, but it's his now.

I haven't looked at any of his work in quite a long time, because it seems to flow endlessly and I don't have the same sense of humour. But then, I haven't paid attention to the community for quite a long time. I've tried to leave other people to moderate the place, but none of them seem to do anything.

I can't undelete comments. I won't deal with fights or friction in the community. But if there are enough people who want him to stop, all that is needed is one entry about it - he can't delete that - and then a discussion can start up on the subject, regarding if these picture edits are valid for the community.

I actually unfriended the community because I don't see what it is now as what I wanted it to be. But I'm not going to control other people, and I'm not going to intervene on this unless I get people asking me to check the community, because a lot of people want something changed. I mean, there's another moderator for the community who said they have more free time, who should be doing something about this, if it's become an issue.

Thanks anyway. I just went ahead and removed myself from the community. Obviously it's not what you wanted it to be. Now it's Ivan's grandstand for his copyright infrigement...and 13 year old fangirls.

I found it irritating and a drag on my friend's list anyway. It did get me in touch with a couple of really nice people, but the ones who are currently active in that community are really weird, obsessed, child gaming freaks that I just don't relate to.

But yeah. I understand what you mean. I'll let him have his dilusional fantasy spotlight. In some ways, it's good for him.

Sorry that it's taken so long for me to reply to this. It's that whole LJ comment dump thing. I just now received it.

What the hell man! Tradition says eat meat on thanxgivin! Don't let the women get to you man, im still on your side^^.

Glad to see you smuggled your masculine side into the state. Say the word and i will send your balls by air-mail (please don't hurt me^^)

I totally respect people who are vegans, but I would sorely miss my holiday ham (although this year, I cooked the turkey because I got one for free; it was a daunting task).

Many (or most?) Americans really don't grasp Thanksgiving to the fullest extent, either. I'm among that group. It is, for probably most of us, simply as you said -- a day for family to get together and eat far too much. Josh is part Native American, and it's just a time to eat with family for him, too. ;)

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