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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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But boats don't watch TV.
Today, a cat decided to sit on my lap for the first time ever. He's actually doing so right now. I finally understood that while temperamental, cats can be lovely and friendly creatures when they want something warm to sit on.

Today's our quiet day of the trip. Washing clothes and sitting around watching television and looking through the aeroplane's 'SkyMall' magazine, looking for ideas of nice Christmas presents. His and hers slippers, perhaps.

I spoiled the big secretive idea I had regarding getting Jamie a present, because I wanted to ensure it was okay to spend the amount it'd cost on her. She seemed okay about it, though.

We may see Rocky Horror Picture Show. We may see Mount Rainier. We may even see Dave Gorman, who is following me around with his Googlewhack adventure story. Whatever happens, I'm sure I will be eating more Strawberry Shortcakes (apparently the name for Swiss Roll here in Seattle) before I go.

This trip has further validated my love for Swiss Roll.

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Hee. Baxter's mighty obnoxious in his lapsitting tendances, in the fact that he'll sit on your lap even when it's not a good time, I.E. at a very cramped computer desk. :P

I never understood why people think cats are aloof. Mine has to sleep curled in the crook of my arm with her head on my shoulder every night or she is very put out. She also sits and watches over me while I sleep when she's awake at night. I'd like to think she couldn't live without me. : ) (and boats DON'T watch TV. Jamie is absolutely right.)

Swiss Rolls aren't really called Strawberry Shortcakes. Strawberry Shortcake is something else.

I guess the most common Swiss Roll would be HoHos: chocolate with vanilla cream.

Hello Dean & the Missus'
Everyone says hello!
Good to see all is well mes amis.

Have fun!


I have been meaning to get in touch with you! At my workplace I have met quite few EMT's in NJ. And they said if you wanted to try for an EMT position in NYC, you would have have no trouble at all. Apparently at all times they are desperate for new EMT's there and all you would need to do is take a course that lasted a few weeks and then apply for a work permit. They personally know several EMT's from the UK bith in NJ and NYC.

So it is not a distant dream and you should definitely try for it!

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