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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Christmas went by with an eleven-hour workday. I actually enjoyed it, because I usually get bored on Christmas day, what with nothing being open and the awful weather.

I ended up with lots of clothes for Christmas. I didn't mind, because I'm living in a new country and need clothes for cold weather, and not fancy electronic extravagances like I'd usually acquire. Besides, I always feel bad when family members pay more than they should on awful electronic items like temperature sensors that can only be used indoors, or DVD players that only work if placed upside-down in a vacuum, just because it's Christmas.

I spent the day with Jamie, so it was still a good time with my family. I like that we also saved a poor creature's life on the day. We fostered our Christmas orphan in Sebastian: he was hiding in a bush. He was dirty, unloved and had the ice-cold wind battering his small body. It was good we saved him when we did, because we had torrential rain in Glen Rock all afternoon and he would have been soaked to an inch of his life.

My family sent a parcel along two weeks ago; it's not arrived yet. Apparently UPS is awful for shipping internationally. Every time I wake up and hear a heavy vehicle pass by the house, I think it might be the UPS truck this time, with the bundle of cards and things my family sent on.

Ignoring all the Christmas hullabaloo, I have an interview on February 15, 2006. This interview determines if I will be given a two-year extension to my staying in this country. This is one of the most important parts of my life. If it goes well, I get to stay happily married and enjoying my time with Mrs. Rivers. If it doesn't, I get deported. Things should go well, though.

I have just been asked if I had a good 2005. I did. I reckon 2006 will go better, though, now that some issues that occured in the year can be shelved away as happening a year ago. I'm not normally one for burning bridges, but I was quite an arsonist this year.

I want to set myself a ridiculous goal for next year; something I'll never really do, but can parade around with as a gambit. I'm torn between trying to proclaim I'm going to learn to drive, or that I'm going to learn to play the guitar. Maybe I'll try to learn to communicate with cats. You can't lose with that idea, you just have to be able to lie really well.

I'm going to use Scrapbook more, now that I have space to use up. I'll begin with uploading all of my icons, old and new, and then explain where they all came from, and such. That sounds like a simple goal to achieve.

In the meantime, I have work real soon. It's a strange life to have work with so many erratic hours, but I'm enjoying it more and more, now I know what I'm doing and can work as well as one of our managers does. Maybe if I learn to drive, I can work later because I can drive home instead of walk home - and with that, I could steal her job. Maybe if I learn to play the guitar, I can smash her over the head with the guitar and steal her job.

Who would you like to smash over the head with a guitar for Christmas? Last year it'd have probably been Reverend Ian Paisley. He scares me. This year, I'm not so sure. I'll have to think more about it.

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Oh good, I can still send that electric tea kettle.

I would like that. Or a crumpet maker.

Being able to communicate with cats is a valuable life skill. I say go for that! I also want to learn how to drive. Good luck to both of us, maybe?

The 15th? pah! You'll be fine. :)

Indeed! These Americans won't know what hit them when I get on the road!

Do you see what I did there? I amused myself.

I would smash any musician who smashes guitars on stage just for how amusingly ironic it would be for around 5 seconds or less

I like this idea. Why are they destroying guitars when there are starving children in Africa itching to learn to play bass guitar?

If it was senr UPS isn't there a tracking number associated with it? What does the tracking information say?


It was confirmed to be in America today. Well, yesterday now.

Deported? They can deport you, even if you're married to a US citizen? How the heck does that work?

To be married to someone of a different nationality takes a lot of paperwork; this waiting period before I can certainly stay is a kind of 'in limbo' time for people like me: I am deemed an alien who is not legally meant to stay here, but has reason to want to - hence someone checking the paperwork; making sure I'm not going to be unemployed and demanding welfare and all that.

Once they look at the paperwork and make sure it's not a dubious marriage (i.e. the 60-year-old men with Filipino girls) and all that, then I am considered a legal citizen of America, but not American. It's a kind of 'you're not really here until we tell you to' scenario.

Thats bullshit! You mean after all that you may leave? Harsh, and thats coming from me.

This coming from the man who wishes death on my cats at every oppurtunity??


At this point, only one American has looked me in the eye and decided if I should be here or not; it's only fair that for the safety of this country they make sure I'm a decent guy.

Though I would be mightily upset if they did chuck me out.

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