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You Fell, You Fell!

Jamie's not been eating properly in the mornings, and so has been suffering from headaches and stomachaches at work. As a result of this, I decided I'd try to make her breakfast in bed. I snuck out of bed with Jamie fast asleep, wearing a new (and slightly too long, but "that's okay, they'll keep my toes warm") pair of pajama bottoms Jamie got me for Christmas.

It was then that the pajama bottoms tried to kill me, as I tripped on the end of one of the legs, before landing on my back and falling down the stairs. I think my entire vocabulary for the next thirty seconds consisted of saying 'Ow', as loud pained screams at first, and then whimpering, quiet ows. Jamie jumped out of bed and ran downstairs, asking if I needed 911, and had I broken something. Within a few minutes, the pain started to subside in most of the places I took a hit to. I was moving around for the rest of the day without too much trouble, and thankfully I had a day without work today, so I could fully recuperate. It made Jamie feel guilty for the rest of the day, that a favour for her and a present from her combined to cause such agony. I'll look back on it and state that I'm a klutz.

I've used it so far to install Paint Shop Pro 9 on here for Jamie, and to start to use Scrapbook - I'm going to upload old and new icons on there, to explain why I made them, or picked a certain character. I changed my mind on this due to how boring it is to write about it all. If it's boring to write about, why would people care to read about it?

I'm off to meet some of Jamie's family tonight, to make up for the fact we worked all of Christmas. This part of the family isn't the most fantastic to be around, it has been said. Still, it's a chance to meet people again and see if they remember my name.

I'm also off to meet more of Jamie's family in January - but these are more interesting people to meet. Alongside their foster parents, I'm getting to meet Jamie's siblings again - her brother Naiche and her sister Kipa. I've met these two before, and they're wonderful children. I do enjoy talking and interacting with youngsters more and more, because there's so much happiness and innocence in them; especially compared to what I expect will be a very stuffy atmosphere tonight.

I also still seem to be waiting on a parcel sent from my family in England. It was sent on the 9th of this month. Parcel Force must have had something to do with this, because they're the only company that ship things so slowly for so much. Apparently it got to an 'International Hub' on the 23rd, at least, so that means that after fourteen days it might have been shipped across to this continent.

Update: Apparently on the 30th the parcel "Arrived at outward Office of Exchange", despite doing that on the 23rd as well. I don't know.
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