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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Everything's Breaking
Jamie's been feeling unwell for the last few days, and this has stressed her out - the symptoms for what she has link to pregnancy, which is very unlikely due to how careful about things like this we are. It's far more likely a sinus problem, but Jamie just went to the doctor anyway, to see what they have to say about it.

Our internet is down again. Apparently Cablevision forget to inform you their connections and services do not seem to work in mediocre weather. This is the second day in a short period of time that it just won't work, and on both days there was a small amount of settled snow. The bigger part of that problem is that this service is linked to our telephone so we have no phone service today, and have no way to contact Cablevision (bad spot for cellphones) to give us a solution on this.

And this morning, where Jamie (who was ill) woke up early (and therefore wouldn't be up at this time if she was okay) to try to find information out on the internet (which would have gone okay if it had been working) Jamie woke me up to try to get this internet working. At some point between Jamie getting up and Jamie leaving, both of us were around this laptop, bustling around and not paying attention to anything else.

At some point, one of us must have trodden on my Nintendo DS. That's now busted too.

So. I guess these things happen in threes. I hope.

By the time this gets put online (whenever that happens) I can tell you that Jamie has a case of vertigo, and a throat infection and is generally not going to be in a good shape for a long while, because vertigo is pretty much impossible to treat, and it can last for a month. All of our visa-related things focus on using the internet, so this wrecks this day (and possibly future days) for any of that stuff. And as for the DS? I don't know. I might have to see about getting a replacement. Maybe I'll smash the DS up in a really graphic way in front of a group of people to shock them. Maybe I'll swap it around with a small child's DS, and cause him great depression in the future.

Ah well. At least as a person I'm doing fine. The world's going okay. All of this stuff will get remedied at some point. I'd prefer it if Jamie was better first, but I fear that'll be the last of the three issues to be resolved.

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Not to sound completely uninterested in Jamie's state (because I already read her LJ entry and am waiting to find out something), but...

How do you have such cool icons? Who makes them, and with what program?

I make the majority of them. Tell me which icons you like, and I'll try to explain how they were made, from beginning to end.

Snap Crackle Pop

Those are my two favorites.

Okay. Both were done using Paint Shop Pro.

For egbdf, take a picture of yourself in bright light so that your face looks white and washed out with the exceptions of the eyes, nose and hairline. Solarize the picture down to 4 - it'll make the dark parts black, the pale parts white and everything else red or yellow. Then use the blinds feature to make black bars across and down the picture. The writing was done by hand; there is no font for it, as far as I know. It took about 30 minutes to make, after touching up areas the solarizing didn't define so well.

Snap Crackle Pop was a black and white picture taken with a bottle of soda in between me and the camera, and a splattery font in a tone of grey that looks kind of hidden in the icon. It took five minutes to make.

If by careful you don't mean protection, then >:O. I'd get more graphic, but it's not my journal to do that

Come now, old man. I'm not a dim person.

I don't do graphic, usually. But for this case, to appease: by careful we mean protection and exercising caution even after that. If ever Jamie feels cautious that she even picks up symptoms related to pregnancy, kits are bought and trips to the doctors are arranged, to work out what is wrong instead.

Time to stick an IUD t-bar in there. Good for seven years. It's not even invasive enough to require anesthesia. Just some stuff they give you to relax you. Her. Not you.

Just as an added level of safety. It's actually the only protection I've ever used with my wife. And that was only after the second child

I'm sorry things are falling apart. :( *Offers hugs to Dean and Jamie*

It's okay. Jamie feels better apart from gaseousness right now, and I've taken to playing Mario Kart DS without the top screen; it's a form of handicap for the simple AI in the game.

We should build you a new one, much better than your DS! *scribbles plans*

Give Jamie a hug from me?

*hugs* I hope things will get better for you and Jamie soon :/

Things will. Jamie is feeling a lot better than she was three days ago, after getting a lot of rest. With luck, she'll be back to normal soon, especially as she's seeing a doctor right now to check on the lesser pains she has now.

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