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Initial impressions of the US.

I am described as a tourist. I wear "British clothes". I dunno how exactly that works, although I guess bright clothes and long trouser-y things with a white tan won't help me blend into the US culture.

I have changed the stuff I wear since then. It was quite nasty. No jeans, no nice shoes, and bland t-shirts. They were completely right on how awful my clothes looked.

I have now met the twins on several occasions. They're seven, and we look after them a few times in the week. In a way, I don't know who's more scared of who. I shall say none of the kids in Enfield jump on your neck and attempt to choke you for fun, yet.

I was scared of them. They were far too aggressive for someone who was actively trying to have a calm time.

I still feel like a mouse around here. Quietly reading and being timid. In a land that timid forgot.

I also forgot I bought my Tails plush while I was over there. I'd recently wondered when I'd picked that up.

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