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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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(no subject)
No Worries
Today, I restart something entertaining that took up months of my life in England, and is a very intense project indeed. Jamie and I are shuffling through items we have, to sell them on eBay. We have a target of $100 to make, to aim for a camera Jamie desires somewhat, which may or may not come with a muse in the shipping.

The only problem is that I'm not at all used to American postage prices. I fear I'm going to undervalue/overvalue postage for things for quite a while.

Still, it's a good side-project, based upon the fact that while it's been pricey, the majority of my visa paperwork is done and waiting. Our only setbacks include finding a living will for New Jersey, doing our taxes and getting Lois to verify who she is and why Jamie and I stay with her, and so on. And possibly getting some ritzy ring-selling store to buff up the rings we purchased.

There was a lot more we had to do, and we've had it all written up on a white board. It's been wonderful erasing these things one by one, as work gets done. So therapeutic. And post-February, no more worries on this for a good few years. Although I would be sad to lose my EAD card, because I've fallen for how it looks. I like it, as a fancy ID card. I'm sure the green card will look far less exciting.

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I've heard rumors that green cards are actually NOT GREEN.

Its true they are not green. I have seen one before the one I saw was blue.

The one I saw was pink. How exciiiiiting!

Green's not my colour, so that's a blessing.

Apparently the colour may vary depending on what year the card was given out, or what country the alien came from. Maybe I'll set up a sweepstakes on here so people can guess the colour of my green card.

Or not, because that would be relatively boring.

Oh and about the ebay shipping stuff, go to Mail n' More in Town. Its on Rock Road by the bagel shop. They deal with shipping with all of the major companies and they could let you know about the prices.

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