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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The stars are shining in the sky. All is well.
Standard Deviation
Me and Jamie will move to Seattle, Washington (a Western state; I currently live in an Eastern state) by the end of August. People who aren't close to Seattle, if you want to visit New Jersey and us before we move, between now and August is a good time to do so. Astrid and Trudi are the first English friends of mine to actually come into the New York area, at a time I can harass them. Housing will be provided, if you can handle rooms that smell like cat.

I miss some English foods and need to find novelty shops selling English junk food in New York. That would please me.

I have not cut my hair since I made it over here, in August '05. I've never had hair grow this long before. I kind of like it, and it's cheaper than cutting it, so everyone wins. That is, until this ridiculously hot US summer comes along and I cry. I mean, I'm already suffering from the seasonal allergies - I've yet to get used to the new and crazy weather. A summer in the US is going to be more intense than anything I've encountered in the UK. And then to get to Seattle we're going to be driving a vehicle across the whole country. That's 3,000 miles. That's about the same distance as it is from New Jersey to England. It's crazy. I just hope we get good air conditioning in this vehicle we're taking.

But crazy is what is necessary. I want to visit several states. I want to say that in one year of being here I've seen more states than most Americans will in their lives. I want to learn more about Jamie's history, which is all over the place in this country. What better way to do so, than the aforementioned road trip?

There's a lot more that's been going on, but I've felt apathetic about updating, or really coming onto this computer at all. The occasional browse for information and that's it. Maybe I need to spend some time doing something constructive, to show it off and feel I have something of value to put up here.

As for tonight, I'm now going to stop typing and try a bit of Mario Kart online. I'm apparently in the realm of not being bad at it.

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Sounds exciting. Visiting other US states would be cool.

Oh, can you stop sending your bad weather over to the UK? We know its you.

Of course it's him. Did you know, when we walk down the street he's always got a big, black rain cloud hanging over his head, with lightning coming down and striking the very ground he walks on.

People see him and run. They do. *nods*

I've had great weather no matter where I've gone in the last year or so. I've endured the mildest winter NJ has seen in years, and bright sunshiney April days that feel like May or June days in the UK.

I can't complain at all about that. Maybe, when I start travelling, I'll take some pictures of me by the Oakland Raiders' stadium, where I can mock how bad they are in person.

Happy birthday to you sir. I got you a pressent. I'll give it to you next tiem we get together. I don't want to ruin the surprize for you, but the shirt has an eagle on it.

Thank you, sir!

Is it bad that I like cherry coke so much that when Jamie found a small ladies t-shirt (all pink and everything) with the cherry coke logo, I almost considered what it would look like on me?

A bit late, but happy birthday Dean!

Thank you! I shall have to write about my birthday excursions at some point when I can concentrate.

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