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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Birthday Bloke, Oh No He Stinks, Stinky Bloke.
I am now 23 and 3/365ths. The last few times my age was a prime number, I had a nice year. I hope that continues.

Yet I don't feel older than I did a week ago, a month ago. A year ago, perhaps. It's strange how time flies at this point in my life. I feel eternally young and energetic and naive to everything, and then at some point I'm going to be so old and wonder where the years went.

Pancakes await for today, perhaps. Other meals too! One nice thing about a birthday when you don't see many people is that they all want to offer a birthday meal at some point, so I'll have eaten at five or six different restaurants this week, if you include the excursions in New York when me and Jamie met up with my very good friends from England, Astrid and Trudi. I can notch up the experience of eating in Times Square to my profile-o-life. Twice.

Jamie still hasn't gotten me anything. I don't give her the chance to as I'm around her too much, and she can't surprise me with it, if I'm right there while she buys it - she can't just give me a gift like that. I don't mind. With the family shipping cards and parcels from the UK, my birthday is going to be a very spread-out affair; I'll probably still be picking up bits and pieces that're related to this birthday for another fortnight or so.

Once I get more of an idea of what everyone got me, I'll write a big birthday post about what I ended up with. As we are rushing off for a meal right now, I'll leave the talking about the last week for another time too. A lot happened, and I'd best get it written down soon, before it all gets mixed up.

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Happy belated birthday, old chap. :) *hugs*

I know! I'm a dirty old man now!

Pancakes? All you got was sour orange-ade, soggy french toast, and burnt fries with american cheese.

That'll teach you for being hopeful!

Happy belated birthday, Dean.

Hope stuff is going well over there. It sounds like you're having a good time of things. *hugs*

Thank you!

I miss aspects of Britain, but I'm definitely enjoying what has happened in my life. Things are very good, even with Jamie's massive obsession of Kiefer Sutherland right now. It's like there's a third man in the relationship... well, a fourth, because of the wonderful cat Schnitzel, who steals love too.

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