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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Fear And Loathing In A Hard Hat Is Mr. Resetti
No Worries
I feel like at some point soon I want to make some more natural-looking icons. I think everything starts to look so beautiful in Spring and it is the most inspiring season of the year. I have a feeling that creativity will blossom and at some point I'll try and show off some bits and pieces.

Up to now, though, I've only got a lot of past information to talk about in here, rather than the future. I suppose there's the birthday furore, which went by relatively quietly because I am an absolute nightmare to buy things for. My purchases are often extremely impulsive, and I don't really desire things that I don't have. Still, my family and friends did incredibly well. My family in the UK sent a cat jigsaw puzzle, money, Jaffa Cakes, a few chocolate Easter Eggs, and a few packets of crisps for me (and a few packets of crisps for Jamie too.) Emily's family paid for my meal at TGI Friday's. Lois made me a wonderful birthday cake and bought me silly pieces of junk that were perfect for me - a cat-a-pult, a booklet explaining how to make paper 'planes, and a Space Pen (whose box holds Nintendo DS games perfectly). Astrid & Trudi gave me and Jamie a massive chunk of British chocolate, more Jaffa Cakes and other British candy. They also gave us towels with creatures on, and lovely Krispy Kreme t-shirts. Jamie got me The Postal Service's Give Up CD and promised me better things when I'm not around her. I bought a few presents impulsively with the money - a charming shirt, a dirty-looking pair of jeans, three games for the Nintendo DS (Animal Crossing, Meteos, True Swing Golf) and a DVD collection of every Father Ted episode.

I also got to see Broadway shows for my birthday. Between watching Lestat on one day and Rent the next, I felt bemused and amused by the experience. Both shows were flawed in a major way, but both had redeeming qualities to them too. Lestat had fabulously camp lyrics, an amusing plot and sleazy-looking vampires that made Stephen Rea look hot. Rent had great singing and a vibrancy of a crowd that was really getting into the show - I got shivers down my spine, given the ferocity of the applause at the end of every key song. Neither show was good enough to see again, but I'll keep a fondness for how amusingly bad my first Broadway show really was.

It's really late here. Another time for more amusing parts of this time, including eccentric women with rogue scarves, Hugh Jackman's angry face causing many a lustful look, and the portions of food that made jaws drop - yet not far enough to fit the food in, alas!

Goodnight everyone! Look after yourselves!

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Oh dean, on DS games, if you've not already and there's no sign of it getting a western release... import Osu!Tatakae!Ouendan!. You don't need any Japanese to understand how to play it, and it's insanely fun. (I seem to remember you liking mad eccentric music games as well so I think it would be up your street.)

I've had it for a few months and not taken it out of my DS since. :)

Also: There's a Lestat stage show? o_O

I will look out for this game - but do not know enough about it for now to say I'd definitely buy it. I suppose more research is in order.

And yes, there's a Lestat stage show. "The mind of Anne Rice, the music of Elton John!" What a wonderful combination.

"The mind of Anne Rice, the music of Elton John!"
Oh dear god.

As for Ouendan, like I said, I hiiiiiighly recommend it. :) There's a gameplay vid of it somewhere, I saw it, dithered for a couple of days as I'd never imported stuff before, then caved and utterly didn't regret it (and neither did any of my other mates here who did the same.)

My family has given up on sending me gifts (despite my extensive and up-to-date Amazon wishlist that they refuse to look at). I just get a check usually, so I'm left with the quandary of splurging on myself or using it for boring useful things.

Glad your day was nice :)

I earned 115 pounds out of this birthday, but can't work out how to make the pound symbol.

I have no idea what this will be used for. It'll probably just get saved.

Hehe, sounds like you've got enough food to last for a month now, Dean! Glad you liked the stuff. :)

Even though Lestat was fairly bad, I still had a great time though, just for the experience and everything!

A month? You saw the US portions: it'll last for a fortnight at best :P

Deep down, I know I enjoyed Lestat more than Rent in terms of "entertainment".

Pfffft, that's true. ;) Maybe a fortnight's pushing it!

...........Of course, hehe! It was something to be laughed at, not with.

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