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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Lousy Smarch Weather
1. My hair is getting long enough to get to the realm of pony-tail-ness. However, attempts at this seem to make me look like I have a mullet. At least this idea of a ponytail is something that Jamie considers cute, and has meant we've not discussed the dreadlocks for a while.

2. Animal Crossing on the DS. I have a friend code: 1332 1276 3873. I have no idea what I'm doing with the game still, and that's probably going to be the case for a while.

3. Jamie is leaving me. For two weeks Jamie heads to Seattle with Emily to have a sordid affair look for a house me and Jamie will move into, and a general browse at how pretty Seattle is at that time of the year.

4. I miss Chargrilled Steak McCoy's most, out of all the British food. I keep tearing through a packet or two of these a day now that they're here. I think I'm going to eat another two by the end of tonight, I'm almost certain of it.

5. As spring is here, I need a lighter jacket, hence the neon orange jacket has come back out of the closet and is being actively worn in public again. I'll have to take pictures of how bright it is for those new to this jacket and its evils and how it is almost too intense a thing to wear.

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A mullet! You can be like Snake Plissken - all you need's an eyepatch! ;) And you're next to New York, so voila!

Hope Jamie has some success in finding a place for you guys; Seattle sounds lovely from Jamie told me.

Gah, Dean you should've said you wanted those crisps, I'd've brought those too! I agree with how yummy they are though. Might have to send some your way! Do you like the salt and vinegar ones? They're so strong I almost feel the need to sit down whenever I eat them.

I can be a good Snake - I'd love to do that for Halloween!

Seattle places are easy enough to find. Jamie's good at this kind of stuff. I'll leave her to officiate the finding of a good place with her trip to Seattle in recent time.

And if I'd been able to remember when I contacted you, I would have asked. I love the salt and vinegar ones also, but the steak ones are so different to anything you can get here. Still, if you want to do exchange programs, given you know of more American 'candy' that you enjoy, I will be happy to help you out too!

I thought you'd sold the orange jacket of blindingness.

I couldn't find a buyer - and besides, it does have good memories, inbetween the confusion of why I bought it and how I kept it.

It is a good spring jacket, though. Deep pockets and bright colours.

Your little town is too noisy. I can hear the accordian music from here.

I got Jay addicted, alas. He'll be fishing aplenty in that game - maybe you'll be hearing that accordian music more than usual!

Somehow. I don't know. I don't think it'd fit me. Jamie really thinks it'd look good on me.

I like the idea of how lazy you can be in terms of washing dreadlocks, though - they're pretty much meant to be left to grow all... well, whatever they end up being like.

Dreads can look utterly fantastic.

Though you do need to take care of them. Really dirty ones aren't so nice, and can actually rot, so it's not like you can just completely leave them.

Hey, if you're going to Seattle, does that mean you'll have to support the local American football team?? Does that have implications for your support of England in the *real* Football World Cup in Germany? How will you be able to follow Our Brave Lads???

Seriously, though, I hope you find somewhere decent to live, and a really good job!

- love, Maggie

Well, I'm already in New Jersey, so I've had to handle not hearing many English results shy of BBC Sport. But I can assure you I will be paying attention to good olde England for this World Cup, if I can hear about it without the Americanisms of shutouts and scores and other such nonsense.

I'll probably not be able to see a live game though, what with the time differences and all that. I'm most likely to be at work for all of the matches that'll matter, alas.

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