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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Never the time...
Because I've had limited time online (I personally let it happen, I kind of like it like that) I've forgotten what things I wrote recently. So: I will write short sentences stating what's been going on, developing into long blathering paragraphs.

I HAVE A MYSPACE: After significant pressure from friends and with Jamie's help, I managed to obtain and create a MySpace account. However, something went wrong in the process of creating it - I cannot get back into the account. Easy come, easy go!

WE MET KIEFER SUTHERLAND: We went to see a show involving the band he manages, Rocco DeLuca and the Burden (British people, are they being featured on TV/in magazines?) and he showed up to watch them perform. Kiefer is apparently not a fan of New York, so it was a pleasant surprise to see him around. I managed to get Kiefer to let me take a picture of him and Jamie together. Interestingly enough, Jamie felt more starstruck by Rocco, as we talked to him for several minutes after his very wonderful and intense performance in a small bar in New York City.
(Note for the artsy types: anyone have any ability to make the picture look less blurry?)

I BOUGHT AN XBOX: I bought it from Dave, a friend I have over here. I've been buying racing games and Winning Eleven 9 (Pro Evolution Soccer 5 in Europe) and have gone back to my editing ways, with a Rivers United being formed. I need to ask friends for weird information to put them into the game, and frighten them with my delusional attempts of replicating them in a maroon and yellow shirt.

WORK IS DIFFICULT: Jamie and I have very different shifts for this next week. This will give me time to work on projects. I might create icons or perform a livejournal redesign, even if it is just a slight alteration of colours on the pages. I might end up completing games. I might go shopping and buy indulgent things. Anything is possible so long as I don't limit myself.

MY HAIR IS EVEN LONGER: I have not cut it since August '05, and it is getting pretty long now. So, before, I mentioned that Jamie likes the idea of this hair in a ponytail, or dreadlocks, or something else that'll be odd in the near future. Given the weather is already getting humid, I'm going to have an interesting summer with this long hair becoming close to obnoxious.

I KEEP POSTING THE SAME THINGS ALL OVER AGAIN: I forget what I've written about whilst being too lazy to check what I've written in the past. So after I wrote what I have up to now, I notice I've said most of this so many times. You know what would resolve this issue? 20 minutes per day, every day, writing whatever I can. Whatever comes out, even if nothing is there to be said. Maybe something entertaining will come out of it, with bizarre thoughts and ramblings? And if I'm blank, there'll be a three-word entry saying it is warm or something to that extent.

DUCK HUNT T-SHIRT: I really enjoy this. I'm too tight with my money so it'll take a day where I'm in New York and really want this shirt to actually get it. This shirt reminds me that I don't seem to have much black in my wardrobe. I'm often wearing bright colours.

POSTS OF SUBSTANCE: In the very near future I'll remember to write a post asking for film recommendations based on specific films I liked in the past - you know, where I say "I liked The Big Lebowski!" and someone suggests something else. But I'll be trying to find fourteen films, one for every day Jamie is away in Seattle. I'll get this written down properly now I have this bit stuck in my journal to expand upon.

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Your hair looks really swishy! Don't cut it!

Hmm, I'll ponder over films (and possibly series?) for you to watch.

*hugs* Glad you're alive and okay. <3

Dean!! How you liking your XBOX? I got one near the end of last year, and actually really like it :) I always wanted to play the Halo games, which are actually quite good. Have also got Half Life 2 and Doom 3, both of which I started, but for some reason, stopped (Doom cos I was too scared, heh!).

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