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Since we bought an external hard drive, I've now been able to move the old music I used to listen to in England onto somewhere that is easier to get to. It is only now that I realise how I downloaded garbage just because I had the ability to. Some of the music in there is terrible. I also need to get round to organising which songs are good selections for playing Burnout 3 to. I had a nice soundtrack for that before.

However, it won't happen today. Jamie's feeling unwell so I'll be heading into work today for half of her shift.

Now, this movie post. I had this feeling that I will probably be around work for 12 of the 14 days Jamie is away in Seattle, and I'll try to rent a different film every day. I'm hoping I'll purchase a few films I really enjoy, to rival the plethora of Kiefer-related films our room is filled with. However, I wanted to get some input from everyone here. I'm sure there's a few gems out there I've never seen or heard of.

For this poll I created, just type something in if it springs to mind. I can't imagine most people would have a recommendation for each type of film. I'm just curious to see what types of films are suggested.

Poll #730027 Can you recommend me...

...a film that made you think after watching it?

...a dark comedy?

...something animated/CG?

...a documentary?

...a b-movie?

...a film where a traditionally bad actor/actress is actually good?

...a psychologically twisted kind of film?

...a film made before 1990?

...a film featuring Christopher Walken?

...a foreign film?

...a black and white film?

...a film you loved, that most people didn't?

...a film with a wonderfully entertaining character?

...a film you enjoyed that didn't fit into any of the other sections?

ADDED: I filled out the poll myself, just to give an idea of what I like, in case something springs to your mind given my responses. As I did so, I realised I should be more specific about some of the questions...

The foreign film could be in English (eg: an Australian film) - I didn't mean a subtitled film especially.
The black and white film could be an old film, or a recent film using B&W to portray age (eg: Good Night And Good Luck)

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