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14 Days Later

Over the two weeks Jamie has been away I have:
Worked for about 10 of the days.
Spent one of the other days in New York with Mr. Goodcow.
Spent one of the other days in the Garden State Plaza.
Spent one day being very unwell.
Stood people up on the day I was unwell.
Been stood up four times by people.
Spent that other day being a lazy git.

In terms of MySpace, something I suggested I'd work on, I have:
Found four old friends from Chace Community School-times.
Found two acquaintances from Chace Community School-times, who I will try to avoid.
'Obtained' fifty friends on MySpace, with two more pending.
Found someone thinks I should move to Seattle, given my personality.
Done sod all in terms of personalising the thing.

In terms of Livejournal, which I thought I'd use more, I have:
Posted 6 times, if we include this post.
Read enough to keep up with my friends page relatively well.
Still not commented enough, though.

In terms of my family, who I expected would call more, I have:
Talked twice to family members in the UK.
Missed three phone calls from the UK.
Missed one phone call from the UK intentionally.
Written no letters, because Jamie is sending postcards from Seattle.

In terms of acquiring things, which I expected I wouldn't do much of, I have:
Bought a Duck-Hunt t-shirt.
Bought Magnetica on the Nintendo DS for Jamie.
Bought UPS Bracelets that say 'What Can Brown Do For You?' on them, which were shipped to Seattle for Jamie.
Bought a book about Kim Clement, which was shipped to Seattle for Jamie.
Bought an old version of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde which was shipped to Seattle for Jamie, but will arrive too late, apparently.
Bought several used video games due to a 'Buy 2 Get 1 Free' deal in games stores.

In terms of the 2006 World Cup, which I expected to get addicted to, I have:
Watched several games live.
Tried to find highlights to several games that I missed due to being at work, and found most of them.
Tried to find highlights to several games on the Spanish-speaking US channels.
Seen every goal in the tournament so far, one way or another.

In terms of Jamie, who I expected to miss terribly, I have:
Had several conversations through AIM.
Sent and received several long messages through MySpace.
Talked to her pretty much every day via telephone.
Missed her terribly.

So, overall, where I expected I'd just plod on with life, I have:
Not socialised enough due to illnesses and work and plans falling through.
Spent too much on items that potentially isolate me further, even if I haven't played most of the games yet.
Spent too much time watching football.
Not kept in contact with my family enough.
Been online and chatting idly too much.

Tomorrow, where I initially could have gone into NYC to meet friends and listen to a band perform, I will instead:
Wake up at 9ish, and get to work for a 10-4 shift.
Hope Lois comes back home after her workday, and leave with her for JFK to meet Jamie and Emily.
Let Jamie know in person that I missed her terribly.

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