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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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It's a strange time in this household. So many phone calls to make and things to organise and so many things I'm sure we'll not be able to do before we have to move. It doesn't feel like we're certain to meet a lot of our friends before the move. Work also fills up so much time that we're going to have to give two weeks' notice about working there, just to give us the time to organise ourselves properly without the workplace being a disruption.

So, who wants to try to do something before we leave in late July? I can't guarantee anything, but if someone has a free day and will be around New York, let us know.

And then a month later, we'll be on a plane and everything changes again. The exact house we move into in Seattle hasn't been found yet; the best houses get too much attention, and we're not earning enough money to compete against some of the people that're probably going after them. Pesky house-owners expecting their rent consistently on time. We might end up in some iffy spot, just to settle in. Not the way we wanted things to go, but I guess at least we'd be there, and it's a start.

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i do

nix on that new york think, though.

If you had a van, you could sleep in it. Army cots are extremely comfortable compared to rock. I actually have a hammock in mine

Are you serious? Living in a van, with cats?

It's better than the streets, IMHO

If only I could just up and leave and go to New York to hang out. Believe me, my mind is SO there. :)

At least iffy is better than none at all?
As long as you're where you want to be with who you want to be with, anything else is a bonus, right?

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