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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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A Moving Question
To anyone in the US who has moved, which company did you use to ship packages along? We're considering between the four major companies - FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL. We've done a little bit of snooping around and found some approximate quotes.

We're guestimating we'll be shipping three boxes, of a size around 20x20x20 and they'll each be 45 lbs heavy. Though, honestly, I think we've got a lot less than that. Time isn't an issue: we'll be sending it by ground and waiting for it to arrive in about a week. We're not putting anything incredibly valuable and just throwing a $50 value on each package, just to see what shows up in the results.

But if there are any companies you'd recommend instead, let me or Jamie know. We've realised we simply can't fit our lives in suitcases and need that little bit extra.

FedEx - 3 x 45lb boxes (20x20x20) from 07452 to 98403 - $120.57.
UPS - 3 x 45lb boxes (20x20x20) from 07452 to 98403 - $145.80.
USPS - 1 x 45lb box (20x20x20) from 07452 to 98403 - $40.99. (3 x $40.99 = $122.97)
DHL - 1 x 45lb box (20x20x20) from 07452 to 98403 - approx. $36.95 (3 x $36.95 = $109.85)

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Try actual freight companies like Panther II, Conway, and stuff. Penske, Bax, these are companies that do nothing but move stuff. When I used to code for GM freight bills, those were a small portion of the companies that move stuff. And my father's company has moved smaller stuff with the same companies.

I used FedEx, and I do NOT recommend it. They hurt my computer, and a lot of my things which were carefully packed got broken. They completely ignored the "fragile" warnings.

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