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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Needs and Wants
Phoning Honey
We're starting to notice certain aspects of our life are missing. We are going to have to look into finding a few indulgences, so that we can enjoy life.

DSL - for everyone. Jamie can upload photos and start work on constructing the website, Jamie's sisters can improve their work situation. I can goof around on LJ.
A NEW CAR - By new we mean a used car from the late-90s/early-00s. Black or dark blue. Maybe grey. But a Japanese car. Not an American car at all. Oh no.
RUNNING SHOES - Jamie wants to exercise more. We'll have to head to a mall and get her a nice comfortable pair of shoes for this activity.
GYM MEMBERSHIP - It'd be a nice comfortable place to exercise in when it starts to get icky weatherwise. A nice big family plan. I'd go and play tennis there.
MEDICAL INSURANCE - Again, a nice big family plan. I'd finally get to see how medical insurance works in the US, first-hand.

A POOL TABLE - I enjoy it, and Jamie and Autumn are starting to enjoy the game after getting a little Dutch courage.
A BLOW-UP POOL - If the weather in Seattle keeps on staying this warm, it'd be crazy not to find some way to relax.
MP3 PLAYERS - It'll help Jamie and the group run around, given they're so inspired by music.

Strange that suddenly all these things seem really interesting, when a few months ago Jamie and I were given the chance of going to a gym every so often and the response was a generally apathetic mmmff.

Past that, all is well. The cats get along and we're not living out of suitcases. The only problem we have is that the cats keep knocking over all the plant pots in the house. Goodness knows how they'll react to incense.

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hey dean it's gina! we met a couple months back on our CPK adventure at garden state plaza <3 good times...anyhow, i hope you dont mind that i added you to my friends list

i'm glad you guys are having fun/starting a new awesome life in washington!!!!!!!!!

much love,

Aww, hello! Nice to see you! I added you back. I enjoyed your company at CPK, that's for sure.

Washington's great. We want everyone to visit!

Forget the gym, take up Jeet Kune Do. You are hours away from the birthplace of one of the single greatest martial arts there is.

If I did not have a family, I would have moved out exactly where you are and studied JKD for the rest of my life. I actaully base everything I do on the Tao of JKD, and it has improved my life greatly

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