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Information Required, Chaps!

To combat the fact that I've been a terrible friend to a lot of people, I'm going to try to spend some time making up CDs for friends.

My plan was to include:
Some music (a few albums' worth of mp3s, which would vary depending on who I was sending the CD to)
Some pictures of life in New Jersey and/or Seattle (again, depending on who the CD is going to.)
A small text file explaining how life is going and giving contact information, in a kind of technologically-advanced-penpal manner.
Maybe a small movie of me upsetting the cats.

(Do I need to put Winamp (or equivalent) on the CD too, just in case?)

So! I would like people's addresses. Anyone interested in obtaining a CD with this kind of stuff, blurt down your address in this post. I can't promise I'll be quick about this - in fact, I'll probably be really slow if I get lots of requests.

But, to repeat, if you'd like a CD filled with music way off the mark of what I'd think you'd like, photos of sunsets and essentially expanded-upon LJ posts aimed especially at you, comment with your address for me!

Also, if you check LJ lots and know I've got a good friend who doesn't check LJ much at all, pester them to look at this for me? I want to have a list of lots of CDs to make, especially from the people I've lost touch with somewhat. The more people that give an address, the happier I am!

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