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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Innennet Inna Libbary
Hello good folks! Both Jamie and I are well here in Washington State. The taxes are a bit too high, but I can't change that. Not just yet.

If you didn't read my last post, please have a look again. I wanted to send people nice things but got very little interest.

Life is going by in a manner that I couldn't complain at. Both Jamie and I are still unemployed and chomping away slowly at our finances, but we're not exactly sure where we're moving into next, which limits the places we can look for work. It's a little tough, especially as Jamie's sisters promised they'd take her along and let her earn some money housecleaning with them, before changing their minds on the matter after we arrived - in a way, we didn't have to come out so early at all. Still, we've taken advantage of the wonderful Tacoma weather - it's currently 75 degrees Fahrenheit outside with a mild breeze from the ocean and not a single cloud in the sky, compared to the 100+ heatwave New Jersey is experiencing. And it's nice to have a rest from the whole working thing, even if it means the indulgences are cut back on for a while.

Still. I've always been cheap and one of the best things about typically drinking soft drinks in the bars we frequent is that so long as Jamie and her sisters buy beer, my drink is on the house. Jamie is still fuelled with obsessions - Rocco DeLuca posters, Kiefer Sutherland pictures, 24 boxsets (we've still got to watch season 2, and buy seasons 3-5) and the pirate you could get from the McDonald's Happy Meals a few weeks ago. We kept going to McDonald's once a week for that hombre and he never showed up.

Jamie's birthday is coming up really soon. I already got Jamie several presents in advance, because I'm awful at surprising people, and the things Jamie gets are more practical if she has them straightaway. But for her birthday itself we may try to enjoy listening to a crumbling televangelist from South Africa, who found God after his erronous childhood was symbolised by his rock group disbanding and getting stabbed in the back. He also wears smokin' black books and married up, falling in love with his wife's father before his wife.

Being here makes me miss England. The climates are similar enough that I feel like if I got on a bus or a train I'd be able to travel back to where I used to live. As it stands, it'd actually take an $800 return ticket to get there and come back. Expensive as that sounds, it might end up being my big indulgence of the year. Something about going back seems like a good idea.

I keep on thinking about how my grandfather died while I lived in NJ, and while I didn't see him often enough to be devastated by his loss, I feel something negative about someone else in the family, like something could happen soon. I don't know. It's just an ominous feeling. I want to go back soon and just see how the family are. I know they're all set in their ways to the point that they won't have changed (it's part of the reason I'm glad I moved over here; the stagnancy could have destroyed Jamie - if the lack of convenient vegan food didn't) but seeing them again would be nice, especially with this uncertainty of when I might be able to see them again, once I really settle into one of those "lives" to pay the "rent" and the "medical insurance" and for the "car".

Anyway, time to leave. We're still doing well, even after the length of time it took to write all of this.

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Warning. Director Stephen Hopkins only directed the first series of 24. The other series are not anywhere near as good as the first one.

Series four is pretty damn close though.

I expect that to be the case. Also, for the first series they had to focus on character development, because the 'terrorism' involved killing specific people, giving the writers a good reason to talk of their past and their flaws, allowing characters with dimension.

Later series depict 'terrorism' that is less specific, aimed at large groups of people. Characters seem more disposable and cheaply written, because of it.

It's not particularly less personal, it's more that you're suspending your disbelief further with each episode eventually beyond their acceptable limits. Also, familiar characters are shoehorned into ridiculous situations because the actors have running contracts (especially from Elisha Cuthbert in season two, or a particular character in season three, who both have pointless, irrelevant storylines that have nothing to do with anything else that's taking place on the show and go nowhere). This happens less after a while, but it gets to a point where the coin completely flips and all the familiar characters are just getting killed off when their shorter contracts run out.

I'm glad you guys are settled in nicely over there! When does the weather start getting crappy over there? I want to know what seasons are good for visiting.


What's your opinion of crappy? I mean, the winter will probably be wet, but it'll be mild compared to the few feet of snow NJ experiences.

I mean, we travelled over last year in November and suffered grey skies for most of the trip, patches of drizzly rain, one day of heavy rain, and temperatures in the high 50s, low 60s. Which, after dealing with the amount of snow NJ did, seems quite nice.

Ahhh... no way, man. I'd take snow any day over cold and wet. I hate humid days under 70 degrees. If it's going to be chilly, it had better be dry! I'm hoping this winter won't be too bad.

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