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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The Hoose
Mr. Harry Smalldawg Esquire
We've started to get settled into our new abode. Our new address will be this:

651 North Skyline Drive, Tacoma, Washington, 98406, USA.

This is a bit rude to ask, but any letters we receive regarding any major part of our life get considered by the immigration services. Obviously, moving across the country to a shiny house counts as a major part of our life. Anyone who could send a letter would greatly help our chances of me staying in the country; we'd greatly appreciate this.

I ask this especially as the moving obviously destroys finances, which is one aspect immigration services check on. The flights plus the moving of objects plus the rent plus the expenses to fill a whole room up... it's knocking our finances down to less than a third of what we had three months ago.

We also have some things we still want to buy for the room. If anyone has just attempted to fix up a new house, or a room, or has anyone who just has, we'd appreciate any help with these questions.

1. Where did you look/are you looking for a bed? We're trying to find something nice, and have this as our defining item in the room, but also want something cheap. We need the mattress and the box-spring, so we know this could get pricey quickly, especially as we have to get it delivered to us, and that's another expense. I guess this is the one flaw of a hardwood floor. We have no idea of a price range for this.

2. We also need shelving for the trinkets. At least an ample amount of shelving can be bought for an amount well under $100. Again, we'd either need delivery on this or a DIY-shelving unit or two.

3. We want to eventually get ourselves a TV. Alas, we were spoiled with a wonderful 27" TV for under $300 as our big expense in the Glen Rock house, and if this is the target we're going to try to aim for this time, that's a big dent out of our finances. Again, it probably needs delivery - and because it's fragile, companies try to charge more. Maybe we can find a store with 0% financing for a long while, for this.

But past that, it's really nice having this whole house and knowing we can't get kicked out of it for a while, and it's comfortable, and the small patches of ugliness are actually charming. We're trying to be cautious about bills, so we'll have to wait until our telephone connection is installed and then we'll slowly use dial-up to upload some pictures of our new place. But that's a good thing anyway, because we can then hopefully show off pictures of completed rooms - or as completed a set of rooms as our finances will allow, anyhow.

So far we've been going to a dollar store for clothes hangers. Maybe it's an obsessive-compulsive thing, but once I start hanging things up I want to hang everything up. This half-hearted messy nonsense makes me unhappy. We'll be buying another five dollars' worth of hangers, if we can. It's stupid how little things like this already make a place feel more complete, but a filled wardrobe with our own clothes and hangers proudly on display makes me feel more secure, that this is where we're going to live.

Anyway, we're off to investigate thrift stores and Big Lots and K-Mart and the like. I keep on looking with fascination at a nifty electronic dartboard. As a plus, it means we don't have to go out as often and can use this as a silly form of entertainment when a bit squiffy. As a minus, it's as expensive as playing about 40 games of darts at a bar, and I don't know if it'll be the type of thing everyone gets into and shows enough interest in over time. But as another plus, it's cheaper than a pool table.

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks for the advice.

Luckily, we found ourselves a mattress and a boxspring for $20 at a thrift store. We're getting it delivered to us for another $20 on top.

But the idea of a futon is a good one, when other people come and visit.

Rock on with $40 mattress/boxspring sets!

I just read this, scanning through your life of the last few months. I am sending you that CD. No really, I have the envelope in my hand and I'll post it this week! Hopefully the envelope with your address and name on it will be just as vital as the CD inside.

It arrived this morning; thank you so much! A lot of good songs so far. I forgot all about "Is This The Way To Amarillo". How time goes by too quickly.

It's the first time in ages that Jamie went to find her CD player and found I'd stolen it away. She seemed confused.

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