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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Interest Sting
Felt bored for most of the night. Went for a walk in the rain; it's the most rain I've seen fall in Tacoma since I got here. It's gone from summer to autumn in days. No transition. It's a whole new chapter. So cold here now. They used to joke the weather around here could switch in an instant; the first item in a backpack for a citizen of Tacoma is a nice fluffy hoodie. I need to buy myself a nice fluffy hoodie. Maybe a bright orange one like Clementine had. Orange and I suit each other well. I could buy a million and one things, but I won't and I can't, and that makes things easier. Before six o'clock tonight I am off to march to a few stores and get my face remembered again. A blessing of the accent is that if I talk for long enough, people will remember me. Whether it's because I mutilate your name or not is irrelevant, Lance. Laanz. At least I remember your last name because I can't pronounce it accurately enough.

Interests: Popular Interests on Livejournal are intriguing to read through, to see what is 'in' and what is 'out' these days. Consider what responses might have been around 20 years ago, 100 years ago. Music outranks both reading and writing together. The ratio of people who prefer friends to computers is only 4:3. More people care for shopping than love. Poetry is marginally more 'interest'ing than anime, while anime itself is more of an interest than sex. Boys appear to be better than cats. Video games get more recognition than TV: the future of the couch potato will involve RSIs. God is one step below volleyball. Religion one step below porn. Drugs beat Disney. Feminism ranks highly, though activism does not show anywhere at all.

And, of course, all of this means nothing more than some people had the energy to type they cared about these things compared to the majority who didn't. And did they use that energy wisely, to be labeled and linked amongst so many others?

Which of you has a 'unique' interest, and why is it unique? Is it a phrase in another language, a quote from a cult movie or show? An incorrectly spelled word? An obscure food people wouldn't bother putting as an 'interest'? Mine are:

Ancient Card Games. I could probably phrase it better, to refer to games invented from the fifteenth century, which try to deal with a different form of strategy to popular and more numbers-based games that currently are considered popular.
Chargrilled Steak McCoy's. A part of my diet in England. The salt and vinegar McCoy's were also excellent. I like the idea of a company putting so much flavour into its crisps that it can make you cry.
Peperamis, the pork(heart?) salami stick I used to enjoy; I keep the interest on because of the wonderful adverts I used to remember, and to remind me how desensitised I became as a result of the adverts. The tagline "It's A Bit Of An Animal" didn't ever register.
The Magician!, a line performed by Peter Serafinowicz in Spaced that was put into the out-takes.

My next mission is to find people in Seattle and Tacoma and use my English accent and dry humour to enchant them into being my friends. This is easier said than done, but at least it means I can have adventures talking to strangers, something I encourage everyone to try at least once in their mid-20s.

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I'm quite envious of your autumn weather! I have had enough of the hot LA-ness. I'm ready to bust out the cold weather gear!

My unique interests at the moment are 'boyswhoactoutsonglyricswhendancing' which I added recently after seeing a boy at a club acting out song lyrics while dancing, which I thought was unbearably cute, and 'luxury socks' because I really enjoy socks made of cashmere and other nice fibers.

I'm glad it's coming too: I just wish Jamie and I had the closet space for this transitional time; we just spent hours putting up all the summer clothes and packing the winter wear away.

You have luxury socks, but what of luxury gloves?

I had a dream that involved people I knew ending up on some bizarre form of Big Brother. You were one of them. Have you ever considered applying? If so, avoid a guy with blonde hair and green sweaters because he will try to throw you out of the house.

I actually own two pairs of long gloves but they aren't exactly luxurious. I wear the left one when I drive in a vain attempt to even out the driver's tan I acquired this summer (from commuting southward in the morning) but I'm not conscientious enough for it to work. I would actually love to get a pair of real driving gloves but it's a bit low on my list of priorities at the moment.

and wow about your dream! I would never even consider applying for Big Brother but who know what the future will bring? I will be aware if I find myself in that situation; thanks for the head-up.

Interests of mine that nobody else has listed:

Barack Obama in 2008 -- Barack Obama is the Democratic Senator of Illinois, and one of the most amazing politicians to come out of this whole mess that is the US government. He's just so inspiring and...just so good in a heroic kind of way. I'd love for him to run for president in 2008, even though I know he won't, but I'm a bit surprised that nobody else has it listed, even as a deluded little thought.

Zombies in zoot suits -- Okay, yeah, this is just pure silliness. First I had "zombies" right before "zoot suits." And I just thought, hey, that'd be funny if I put "zombies in zoot suits." So I did. I don't think anybody's made a movie about zombies in zoot suits, so maybe one day I hope to achieve that.

Bono is God -- Nobody had this listed for a LONG time until recently. I think there's only one other person who thinks so now. Personally, I was just making a comment about Bono's Jesus complex. He's awesome most of the time, though.

I recall Mr. Obama from his occasional trips onto the Daily Show. He seemed intelligent, he had a sense of humour - goodness knows what he's doing in politics.

I used to have several unique interests, one of which was 'horse headed girls'. Now I'm limited to 'miki tanabe', the girl from Guitar Vader, and 'piapi', an obscure Japanese singer who I found on mp3.com ages ago, and who I'm considering asking to sing for Don't Eat Sky.

Shortly, Facebook is going to open its doors to non-university types, and you will discover a whole new world of internet time-wasting.

I used to be the only person on LJ who had "Arnott's biscuits" (the good people who made Tim Tams) listed as an interest. Now the only unique interests I have are: japanese schoolboy uniforms (not in a I like schoolboys paedophile way, I just like the look of them), Kengo Akechi (a character in Psychometrer Eiji, one of my favourite comic books), Momoko Sakura (artist of Chibimaruko-chan), Preco/Kim's (a brand of stickers), Rina Cat (someone else had this interest until they deleted their journal) and zense (a brand of stationery). I don't know if they're that obscure...

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