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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Icon Burst
Sweet Truth
I don't know why it hit me at this moment in time, but I felt like going through and making icons for Livejournal, above any real work that could be done around the house.  It's strange to feel so creatively inspired that you start, persue and finish expressive little designs and yet feel so incredibly lazy because you're ignoring everything else. All that's being created are tiny little pictures with fancy borders that have little use outside of Livejournal. However, that pile of clothes that needs to be washed is so large we're going to lose a cat in there.

Even so, I can tell you this: I am going to go and make more icons with fancy borders! Maybe I'll even give fancy borders to all the old icons too! How's that for a creative moment?

I think this burst is linked to the fact Jamie's been a bit apprehensive about life for a while and wasn't feeling her photography was good enough due to a lack of knowledge regarding her fancy camera settings. This is obviously the kind of statement someone only makes when they're feeling low, given most of my icons are being made from pictures she took that I adore. And if I can hit a creative burst when traditionally I've never learned anything more than the basics of PSP, she can take terrific pictures without knowing much about shutter speeds.

Saying that, yesterday, me and PSP layers finally got on. I've actually got a little tab where layers pops up, because I have some use for the buggers at last. So, if I can learn a new trick, maybe I should teach Jamie a little more about the different settings on the camera. Traditionally, my style of photography is based around trying to set the camera to a good setting, to make a good picture decent, because I don't have that knack for finding great shots - they find me, if I'm lucky. Jamie has got that knack of finding creative and interesting shots. She simply takes decent pictures by seeing something that would make a perfect picture, and grabbing a camera and snapping away.

Tomorrow I have a second interview at Hollywood Video. This is a more communal type of interview, where several managers ask no-brainer questions to a muddle of potential new workers, and we try to think of the most satisfying answer for these people. One of those questions will inevitably be: "What Is/Are Your Favourite Film(s)?", which is such a pointless question, as a wrong answer on this type of question is nearly impossible. A more practical question (for this happened once a day at West Coast1) would be: "Someone walks into the store and says they want to watch 'a good film'. What do you recommend?", to which the answer involves asking the person what films they like and trying to recommend similar films, because not everyone wants to watch V For Vendetta. Which is their fault.

1Every few weeks an elderly gentleman/an undateable fellow2 would ask us for recommendations from our large selection of adult films.
2Yes, we all know what I mean by "undateable fellow". When someone only knows five words of English, and one of those words is "porn", you're not likely to find yourself a sex-crazed cheerleading girlfriend too soon.

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I would put it to you that there IS a wrong answer to that question. For example, "My favorite film is 'Problem Child 2'." Or any of the Police Academy franchise.

And it's sad that not everyone wants to see "V" and undeniably their loss (but you know that).

As terrible as the films might be, that person would probably get the chance to explain why they enjoyed those films. Masochism, for example.

Sure, they could explain. But would the shop owner really want someone working there who might recommend those movies to customers?

Would the shop owner really have those kinds of films lying around in the first place, to be suggested for rental?

(I hope not!)

You've got to pity the poor guy, though, and even admire him. Can you imagine trying to rent porn in a foreign country where you barely know the language? That's guts, that is!

(Don't worry, I am indeed being sarcastic. Mostly...)

I know, I'm simply jaded by this type of person because they're the type of people who come back trying to tell us our discs are defective.

And none of those five words he knows would be found in the sentence "Your disc didn't work in my DVD player." Which then means I try to shoo them away.

"My hovercraft is full of eels."

I have a question, as I know you are very knowledgable about video games.

I want to start making money off eBay, and I remembered that I have a sealed mint original Game Boy somewhere in the closet...probably bought around '92, but still the same original '89 model. About how much do you think I could get for that?? Every one I see on eBay is used, so it's hard to get an idea. Anything you know would be greatly appreciated!!


This guy seemed to hit the jackpot with his supersealed and perfect Game Boy, but he's stating his is the first version from '89. He had two of them, and sold them both for $275. The third is currently going for $102 with three days left. Monitor its progress via: http://cgi.ebay.com/RARE-MINT-BRAND-NEW-SEALED-ORIGINAL-GAMEBOY_W0QQitemZ230032119771QQihZ013QQcategoryZ62054QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Personally, put it up mentioning the words "SEALED" and/or "NEVER BEEN OPENED" and rave on about that fact in the description and I'd be shocked if it made less than $100. But I have been shocked by auctions before, so put a reserve on it.

Oh! And I recommend watching that auction until it ends, and then putting your Game Boy up. It'll give you a better idea of its value based upon the condition/look of that seller's Game Boy, and you won't have any other person selling the unique item you've got, to divert bidders away from your stuff.

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