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Work situations are becoming more concrete. Jamie has found herself a job working at the Bodies exhibition that will be featuring in Seattle for a little while. I can't say anything more. It's all pretty confidential and she's not allowed to express an opinion about the job. I'm waiting on three jobs. Two are pretty much concrete, I just need to wait and see about when I can work - and I still need to buy smart black shoes, and maybe more khaki pants.

The third job was going to be the dull inane one for one or two days a week but with a relatively good discount on any items inside. But they were quite prominent from their automated questionnaire about how little they expected to trust their interviewees, and the ones they might eventually trust were going to be high as a kite. Every one in five questions asked if I have ever taken a drug/if I knew anyone that did/if I have ever reported anyone that did, and the penultimate question asked if I might be a casual marijuana user that'd never considered weed was a drug. But beating this was the fear of theft in this store: every one in three questions asked if I'd ever stolen something/have I ever seen anyone steal/would I tell on my accomplices if I was caught stealing/how much have I ever stolen, from $0-1000, and so on.

The last question asked if I was a manager, what would I do if someone came in drunk at the job. (I'd ask them to stack shelves. Great fun for all to watch!)

So. I don't know about the standard of their candidates to have to ask questions like that. But I have now been informed that based upon my responses, I am not a kleptomaniac with a coke addiction and that I could work there! All I have to do now is a mandatory drugs test. So I have to travel somewhere I've never been to or have heard of, to perform this sample, to get the chance to work there and earn minimum wage. Add to this that this store is:
1. Not close to any food stores, meaning I'll only be able to eat junk food.
2. One hour away from the other two stores I want to work at, meaning I can't do two shifts on one day if one shift is at that store.
3. Next to a road getting 'tarred', which gets me closer to retching every time I walk by.

I'm being put off this job significantly. Strangely enough, I didn't consider any of this before the mention of the drugs test. I was gung-ho and would do whatever; if it meant a 60, 70 hour week, it meant more money for me.

I'll wait until tomorrow, talk to the person that wanted to hire me, explain my concerns and thank them for the interview, and I'll have to look someplace else in that little complex for job #3, if I don't get enough worktime between jobs 1 and 2, which is plausible enough that I wanted this back-up third job.

Yesterday night I apparently suggested I might go play free poker tonight in the local bar, and befriended a guy who plays pool so often he has his own cue. Maybe I won't have to keep on pestering Jamie for games in the near future. I also walked home from the bar, and found that it took under an hour - about 3, 4 miles. I'm starting to get considered a regular at that place, though not as much as Jamie. Jamie's female, and so she gets noticed far more easily by drunken and slightly lecherous men. Whatever intensity goes on, she handles it better without me listening in and getting confused or paranoid over the matter, so.

Time to walk to the future workplaces - I've got to see how many hours I can push for!

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