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I'm at the library and I thought it was meant to close at 6. But it's 5:53 and nobody has mentioned anything on any tannoys, so.

Life is getting there. I started work at Hollywood Video and I already sense the store will be way too busy or way too quiet, with limited moments of work at a comfortable enough pace to engage me without causing burnout. The last two days depressed me, to some extent. The pace of the store was too slow, the computer system I must use is excessively complex, the jobs I did away from the machine were mundane, and I felt some level of false pleasantries which I can't shake. Maybe I'm paranoid when people say "Good job!" excitedly these days. In this workplace, my mind has no time for sarcasm; it is on auto-pilot and I am unable to pick up on any form of wit. I think my dislike stems from a uniform most people would love: all-black. Admittedly, it's "business casual" so it's a simple collared shirt and comfortable black pants, but I still want to show off more identity in my clothing by wearing obnoxious colours. Alas, all I can do is wear an orange belt to try to show some personality. While Gamestop wants me to wear a black belt, at least I can wear some brighter colours around the store.

I think I want to buy some yellow laces for my smart shoes. I mean, the manuals never explain that the laces have to be black. Flourescent yellow. I remember Jamie and I ordered shoelaces from a website: they had a wonderful variety and shipped from the US to the UK quickly. But I can't remember the name of the company and I'd be amazed if a store like that stayed in business. Yes, everyone needs shoes, but it still feels like too much of a niche market that one could do well enough to keep going on with it/life.

I filled in paperwork for Gamestop and will start up there within a week or so. I'm quite intrigued about how it will go in this place, for it seems dubiously professional inside the store - I am sure the main reason for my intrigue revolves around the perfectly average manager. He wore a grey Gamestop shirt with pride today. When you're working retail, pride isn't an emotion that should show up too often, except when you're being fake to please some exec. But even this pride was subdued. It suddenly clicked in my head that he reminds me of Steve Davis. He is an American Steve Davis.

Jamie's enjoying her job a lot, but it sounds more dull than what I'm going through. Still, she loves jobs with a steady monotony to them.

Hobbes is getting worse in terms of how jittery he is. Lois has asked if she can take him back, because the alternative was giving him away, and his recent actions have been making that more and more likely. He hasn't settled into this new home at all well, and he doesn't like that he isn't the dominant cat any more. Lois has sent us plenty of toys and books to help us soothe his spirit but I don't know how any of that will work out.

The dialup has died at our house (PeoplePC was hogging up to a gigabyte of virtual memory and causing a slow, painful death to the machine every time one would try to connect) but with jobs and hopefully paychecks, we'll start to have some money to pay that tiny bit more and enjoy broadband all over again. Then you'll get to enjoy pictures from Jamie all over again. She has a lot of pictures that she should be showing off.

Rocco DeLuca visits Seattle on the 8th, with his burden. Jamie and I will both be saying "Salut!" to the fine gentleman then, and will invariably have no way to get home and will live on the streets of Seattle for the night.

Hm. A kid just walked past wearing a salmon and black hooped collared shirt, with flourescent yellow laces in his shoes. Maybe there is more of a market than I envisaged... I can't vouch for the market on salmon and black hooped collared shirts, though.

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