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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Yesterday I woke up expecting to go to work in the afternoon, come home and watch a film called Hard Candy, which people are raving about in our store.

Instead, just as I am meant to go in to work, I find out Autumn had been sent 8 tickets for the Dave Matthews Band/Rolling Stones concert at Qwest Field for that evening. Work was reorganised somewhat so that I could leave earlier and I ended up traveling into Seattle and watching two breathtaking performances by bands that I never thought I'd get near. I mean, I've never been an avid music fan, I hear songs and like them but don't get obsessed with bands that often. So seeing a band and getting to link a bunch of songs you liked together and realise this band created them all, and watch the people who take these songs to heart and jump around in a delusional state... it feels like you're not just watching a show where people sing and dance and play instruments, but you're watching 50,000 people around you getting swept up in the same motion, all in a euphoric state, wanting the show to go on and on.

I wish I'd understood more about music when my sister tried to get me to go to Glastonbury when she could barely drive and I didn't know anything past the mediocre music my family played. At that age, I didn't see what the fuss was all about. I missed out there.

It is strange, but this is what this area has brought into my life. Unpredictably wonderful memories that blindside you, just when the rigmarole of a monotonous life was trying to sink into my system. I can't even describe the evening, I was still dumbfounded it was happening and so can't really comprehend that it even happened. It was one strange dream, perhaps.

Time to leave for work. I've got three minutes to get changed unless I want to go in wearing plaid lavender and white pyjama bottoms with teddy bears on them. Personally, I don't. I want to wear another layer over these pyjama bottoms. My goodness, it feels cold outside today.

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This isn't AyeHavGunne. This is INGSOCof1984 using AyeHavGunne's computer.

dean_r said: "it feels like you're not just watching a show where people sing and dance and play instruments, but you're watching 50,000 people around you getting swept up in the same motion, all in a euphoric state, wanting the show to go on and on."
This is actually one of the more benificial upshots of what's known by the commonly hissed term 'mob mentality'. It makes everything seems larger than the sum of it's parts, so to speak. This particular version of mob mentality has been used to great advantage throughout history to the benifit of those using it and, usually, the severe detriment to those on the recieveing end of the fervor it creats for whatever it is that the creator feels passionate. e.g. Nazi rallies in '34-'44 Germany. Hitler, or perhaps more specifically his advisors, saw the use in mob mentality and so instead of giving out their decrees and edicts via the normal method, they threw huge parties on fair grounds and the like whose attendence, instead of being in the hundreds as per protocol of the time, was in the millions.

Sorry, didn't mean to relate your awesome exp. to Hitler so quickly, but your comment made me think of it. :)

I've seen the terrible sides of that mob mentality from events in British soccer. The preconception was that our supporters were thugs, and as a resulted they were treated (as a mass group) as thugs, and so became thugs, because their actions were getting treated with such meticulously intense reactions and so simply throwing things around stopped the atmosphere from feeling like something bad could start.

Of course, that's not a patch on the Nazis, but those Nazis, they knew how to get themselves remembered for one reason or another. Tsk, that Hitler. Why couldn't he have grown up and become an architect?

Never saw hard candy, maybe I should.

As far as I knew your genre of music was random. If someone asked what music you liked I couldn't tell them. Just glad to hear you enjoyed yourself. Theres nothing better than live music huh?

My genre of music was pretty random.

Guess who just got in contact with me? Chris Warner. He's a goalkeeper for a team in Somerset-ish. And you should have been a goalkeeper for Everton!

Warner's still alive?! God damn!

I dont supose Donald Fuler delivers your mail too.

I told Warner you were still around and he said are you still the big friendly giant, in those words. I'm sorry.

I told him you wanted to come to America so much you contemplated switching yourself with me while I wasn't looking.

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