Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

"I never take insults from my family so well, especially when it's a pot calling the kettle black situation, and especially when the kettle's not black."

Mum was struggling without a male person around the house, after her and Bob had split up she was the only person bringing money into the house. This meant a lot more pressure was put on her and also onto me. When she got aggressively angry I didn't take her criticism well.

We'd just got Harry and she expected the dog to be walked six times a day. That always seemed excessive to me, and I didn't like walking him late at night. Harry gets at least four walks a day now. That's closer to what he needs. I've grown to really like the night sky and like walking him later these days, however.

I wasn't pleased with how she informed me I was lazy, though - livejournal became a place to plot against ideas of hers temporarily. I was in a no-win situation; I couldn't do enough work to cheer mother up, so I took the lazier option whilst losing.

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